Co-founder of Ava, the world’s first fertility monitoring bracelet, this week’s #WCW goes to Lea von Bidder.

Ava was created after Lea found her co-founder Peter and his girlfriend were trying to get pregnant. “Because of them we realised that the current methods for women who are trying to track their cycles are antiquated, difficult and imprecise. We think women deserve a 21st century method for tracking their cycle. And that’s what we’ve built with Ava.”

Clinical testing found that resting pulses rise at the start of the fertile window and tracks this to enable women to see when they are ovulating. This method frees women of having to use more invasive methods to test when they’re ovulating.

With the help of outside backing of $12.3m capital, Lea and her co-founder Peter have managed to make Ava a success in the technology industry.

Ava allows woman to “accurately detect and monitor their fertility in real time – previously this could only be done via repeated overnight sessions in a hospital / clinic.”

Ava has been found to be more effective than other ovulation methods, the bracelet works by detecting 5.3 fertile days/months in real time. A woman simply wears the bracelet and downloads a app on her phone to monitor the process.

Lea and Peter’s work, has changed the face of ovulation testing. Now women can take less invasive methods to monitoring their ovulation. When it comes to starting your own business Lea has one key piece of advice: “The most important thing is to actually start. Everything after is easier.”

Words: Amy Jo Taylor

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