Gaidaa is a Netherlands based artist from Sudan. She has racked up over 700k views for her performance of ‘Morning Blue’ on A Colours Show performance on YouTube. Gaidaa has now released her highly anticipated EP ‘Overture’ a stunning body of work which explores Gaidaa’s journey of meeting her own self. The Streets caught up with Gaidaa to get the lowdown on the rising artist.

Tell us about your new EP ‘Overture’ how was the process creating it & what was your inspiration behind the EP ?

It’s been a super hectic process to be honest. It’s been like two years of figuring out what the hell I’m doing, realising I can actually pursue music, and finding parts of myself, and just creating my world essentially. In the process of creating this EP I really had to break down myself to build back up, and didn’t always have the tools. I started with no plan whatsoever, and I still don’t have a plan, but I’ve never been more sure about what I’m doing. This EP captures my journey to get to this point; an introduction to something far more substantial; meeting myself haha.

 What is your favourite track on the EP?

I don’t know if I have a favourite track really, each track has its own story and reason for being on the project, but I think I had the most fun creating ‘Say Yes’ featuring my good friend Joshua J, though. It’s the final track of the EP, and only made onto the project once it was supposedly already complete haha, but I’m really happy it made it on. It was one of the first times me and my friends met up after the Netherlands started slowly opening up from lockdown, and the song was basically recorded by accident haha. It’s about exactly how I feel these days, about making the active choice to not make fear based decisions anymore, to make myself open to receiving good things in my life, and to listen to the universe. To be perceptive and receptive, and knowing that the key to everything is being open.

 What can we expect from the new video to ‘Falling Higher’?

I Actually haven’t started filming the video yet, there’s been so many delays since we’ve started trying to, but we are finally about to start shooting. Originally we were supposed to film it in New York back in February times, but due to COVID all flights got cancelled, and well then the rest happened haha. Now we’re gonna be filming it in Amsterdam, but I’m actually really excited because my best friend and art director Segraphy is gonna be directing the video, so I’m curious as to how it’ll all turn out. Expect me, but cooler than in the last video lol.

 How did you get your start in music?

I’ve always been singing, my dad’s also a musician so I think it’s just in me but when I was 16 I was living in the UK in Bristol, and I’m pretty sure that’s when I had my first ever studio experiences. I was trynna make songs, and I’d send them around to school friends, so a bunch of people from school would like know my songs through WhatsApp haha. I’d always been posting little videos on my instagram, and when I moved back from the UK I linked up with Full Crate (leading to “A Storm On A Summer’s Day”) and started doing all these little gigs. I would always pull up with my guitar (and the 2 chords I know), and freestyle my whole set, cause I had no songs and didn’t just wanna do covers lol. Those were the days though, pretty sure that’s me in my essence haha.

Who are your musical inspirations?

I’m sure there’s a lot of people I’m influenced by subconsciously, but half the time I don’t even know what I’m listening to I just internalise haha. People like Hiatus Kaiyote, Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean, Jazmine sullivan, India Arie, Anderson Paak, Dwele.. I could go on and on haha.


How do you want people to see you as an artist?

As real I guess, I hope people can see themselves in me, cause I’m as normal as it gets haha. I’m just a person, that has a deep love and appreciation for music. I wanna keep trying things and exploring and just doing me to be honest. I mean it’s up to people how they see me, but as an artist I do hope that people see me as someone honest, that thinks for themselves, that makes what they want.

How has your journey been in the music industry so far any surprises you did not expect?

It’s been interesting haha. I’m really not an industry person is what I’m realising, there’s so much I don’t know and don’t get. I’m realising more and more that I just want to make music and I don’t really care about the rest, but obviously that’s not how it works haha, not yet at least. I’ve had to learn to be a lot more business minded, and not to take things personally, not that, that surprised me, but I’m getting better at being stern and clear about what I want.

What empowers you as a woman?

I don’t really know, in life in general I’m in a headspace where I’ve never felt this free and ready to take on the world. Specifically as a woman as much as more often than not this world tries to convince me otherwise, knowing the things I can endure, and ignoring literally anything anyone tries to tell me I can and can’t do. My mom is the most badass person I know, and also the most ambitious and hardworking. I’ve done so much self work that I feel pretty empowered most of the time, I know for a fact I can do literally whatever I want.

Who is currently on your playlist?

Emmavie is literally always in my playlist. She’s this super dope artist from London, her latest project with Alfa Mist ‘Epoch’ is constantly on replay. Healing music man.

What’s next for GAIDAA?

My debut EP just came out so I’m just going with the flow haha, whatever comes on my path. I have my first ever headline show(s) coming up in the Netherlands, so that’s definitely exciting. But for the rest I’m just taking it day by day, I’m overwhelmed by the love I’ve received in response to the project so far, so imma just let all that sink in haha.

You can stream Overture below.

You can connect with Gaidaa on:

Instagram @Gaidaaonthewebs

Words: @gyallikeannie

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