They may be in the minority. However, we at Amor aim to cater for as many as possible.

Picture this; working a 10 hour shift on one of the hottest, correction warmest, days to grace London since our so called “Summer” last year – and you guessed it… the day was dragging, snails were sprinting pass. Then, an eight man band appears with huge smiles, mics and speakers and set up ‘home’ opposite. Blast from the past came to ‘switch it up’ a bit.

Who were they? None other than The Dualers! Okay, I have never heard of them either, but they were fabulous. Nothing like a lovely mix of ska and reggae, good vibes and a hint of heat to bring about rhythmic hip bones and a an up-ward turned crescent shape on my face (a smile).

Well, here is a guide to their up coming gigs. Take your mum, dad, aunties and uncles – they will have you singing in no time.

Saturday 18th May – The Great Hall, Civic Centre, Bromley

Saturday 8th June – The Cluny, Newcastle

Saturday 29th June – The Irish Centre, Birmingham

Sunday 7th July – The Brentwood Festival

Saturday 12th October – Indig02 at the O2

Saturday 9th November – The Diamond Centre, Nottingham

Tickets range between £10 – £20

For bookings: 07905497271, [email protected]

By: Jan-Marie Revers @JammyDodgerZz

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