Asheley Turner returns with a heart-felt project entitled, ‘PHASES’. The project includes the talented singer’s main track, ‘Take Your Time’ and ‘Upper Hand’.

When speaking about the project, Asheley Turner said, “This Ep is about some of the different stages you go through within a relationship when things are good but sometimes don’t work out— from happiness, to love, confusion, doubt, acceptance, sadness, the pain just the good and ugly but I definitely incorporate the self love you regain after all the phases of emotions!  There were so many different emotions I was going through when creating this EP and I wanted to focus on that. I wanted to get people to dive into my feelings but also show them a different side of me. I didn’t want to just showcase the negative side. In the beginning, I definitely expressed a more sensual side of me that I normally don’t. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and I did just that.”

Make sure to listen to the project below:

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