With a rich array of beautifully composed tracks under her belt already this year, Austin-based singer and songwriter Azmeryth is back once again with another rich and enticing offering with ‘Your Wicked Ways’. Using just an acoustic guitar and her own wonderful vocals, ‘Your Wicked Ways’ is the soft and sweeping serenade we all need right now. Bold, vibrant, and captivating throughout, her newest gem is a real treat for the ears.

Speaking about the new single, she said, “This was probably the first “real” song I ever wrote. I was 14 at the time, and one of my closest friends had begun seriously struggling with mental illness. The friendship suddenly became toxic and verbally abusive almost overnight. I recognized that I had no control over their situation and although I cared about them deeply, the only thing I could control was my own behaviour. Unfortunately, I had to distance myself for my own well-being. I wanted to take the frustration I was experiencing at the time and channel it into something positive. No matter what is going on in your life or how bad things may get, you can always take your feelings and put them towards something constructive.”

Listen to ‘Your Wicked Ways’ below:

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