BAFTA’s 2015

Stephen Fry is ready to host the glamourous red carpet event and the celebrities are coming prepared!

It is that time of year again, the BAFTA awards are here and will be having their 68th ceremony at the Royal Opera House, on the 8th February. The British Academy Film Awards will be honouring the best work of any nationality that has been part of a film production shown in the British cinemas during 2014.

With one of the biggest red carpet events of the year, our eyes will be of ore watching those celebrities pulling up suited and booted. With some legendary artists voted for nominations, there will definitely be tension building up under the roof.

The categories cover all the talent from leading actor/actress, director, costume design, makeup and hair and many more. Nominations are varying across from up-coming talent to the well-known. The British actor, Jack O’connel is up for ‘Upcoming Talent.’ He is best known for playing ‘Jake Cook’ in ‘Skins’ but has a tough competition with Margot Robbie, actress famously known for playing the beautiful wife of the broker in ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ who is certainly our favourite to win!
Richard Linklater director of the film ‘Boyhood’ has a vote from the Amor team and absolutely deserves a BAFTA award. He goes through great effort of this production, keeping the exact same team from 2002 for 12 years putting together a great film creation.
There is a high standard of competition throughout all the categories.

It is going to be very tight in the rankings.

Words : Yasmin Harisha

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