The dreamy soft-pop single ‘Only You’ by singer-songwriter Bella Hutton is a beautiful portrayal of the young artists’ undeniable talent. Delicate piano melodies and Hutton’s heavenly vocals form the acoustic core of the song, then elevated by resonating harmonies and measured percussion. The song possesses an almost cinematic feeling, taking the form of an uplifting ballad. Effortlessly stirring, ‘Only You’ is sure to make waves in the pop scene.

“In the intro, there are some really juicy harmonies, we went for a choir vibe and layered it lots with backing vocals,” Bella says of her new track. “It’s kind of a sad song but happy at the same time because it’s slow but also uplifting. It’s about when you are in love with someone but it’s good for once and there are no heartbreaks…which is unusual!”

It’s hard to believe that Bella Hutton is just 19 years old when you hear how refined and mature her sound is. Inspired by Amy Winehouse, The 1975 and Billie Eilish, Bella has already created a quietly confident sonic signature. Her music has already been featured on Spotify’s New Pop UK and Chilled Pop Hits Playlists, setting her up for a promising future.

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