Has anyone noticed it seems we have all began taking fashion advice from none other than Pat Butcher? That’s right, our earrings appear to be getting bigger, heavier and bolder. Who knew the once small gems which we stick through our ears, would soon grow and become that all-important final touch on an outfit?!

From tassels to pom poms, the possibilities are endless and we want them all, dangling from our ears. The way things are going it seems, bigger is really better, when it comes to our earrings. The once smallest accessory seems to have become outfit-transforming this summer.

Earrings are such a simple accessory, they can often be overlooked – but with statement earrings popping up all over Instagram, they’re no longer forgotten, it is quite the opposite, as they have become the main feature. That’s right, slip on a plain white dress, pop in some earrings which are as big as your ears, and bam you have a full outfit which of course looks as though you’ve put a tonne of thought into it.

One slightly larger pair of earrings and suddenly you look chic, sophisticated, cool and even daring.

If you want to see if you can pull off earrings which are larger than life, why not head to H&M? They have a great selection of statement pairs, for a small price. And if you’re already down with having chandeliers dangling from your lobes, why not look into investing in a more pricey pair? After all, they seem to be the main event of your outfit. Kate Spade offers a great range of statement earrings, from the colourful to the comical, giving you plenty to choose from.

This summer don’t forget your earrings, whether they’re adding feathers or vibrancy to your outfit – with the size of them, they’ll be completing your look!

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