It has been an ongoing battle since the introduction of the beauty blender – which product is best to apply your foundation, beauty blenders or make up brushes? Well, we are going to look into the pros and cons of using both products, as well as ones we would recommend.

Let’s begin with the beauty blender. Beauty blenders offer a streak free application and is best applied with a tapping motion. For optimum results, beauty blenders are best used when wet as the water swells the sponge which ensures that less product is absorbed – so it saves you from using so much foundation. The shape of the beauty blenders also allow you to really get into the crevasses of the face, allowing an all-round even look.

Experts claim that it is best to use beauty blenders on dry skin as the skin has an uneven texture therefore beauty blenders are best for bouncing the product into your skin leaving a natural and non-cakey look.

Although beauty blenders are used for liquids, they also work with powders too. Make-up moguls such as James Charles and Rea Ann claim that a damp beauty blender is the best product to use when applying setting powder as you have more control over where the powder is applied which is harder to do with a brush.

There are hundreds of different blenders on the market ranging from as little as £1 up to £30+ therefore it is difficult to know which ones to go for. At Amor, we have tried and tested multiple different brands and the Blank Canvas ‘Airbrush Blenders’ stood out a lot for us. The Blank Canvas Airbrush Blenders retail for £20 however, you get a set of six multicoloured blenders. They are easily washable, blend perfectly, and the packaging is egg-celent! I personally use the Blank Canvas blenders every day and they have now become a crucial part of my collection that I could not be without!  RRP £20 for 6 blenders

Now for the make-up brushes. Before the introduction of the beauty blenders, it was the make-up brushes who ruled the beauty community. Make-up brushes allow you to distribute foundation evenly across the skin which can be buildable, unlike beauty blenders. The foundation is best applied with a brush in circular motions with minimal pressure to avoid a streaky finish.

Makeup brushes allow an airbrush finish, brushes are precise and allow for a buildable finish. They are also extremely versatile which means that whether you prefer a powder or a liquid foundation, there is always some kind of brush that will cater to your needs. Again, similarly to beauty blenders, there are hundreds of products out there that range from pennies to hundreds of pounds which all do the same job.

Our favourite have got to be the trusted Real Techniques brushes. Real Techniques have a huge range of brushes that cater for different skin types as well as different types of foundations and desired finishes. The brushes sets start retailing at £19.99.       RRP £19.99

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