(Display pic credits as follows: Tog: Chima Luke Okafor, Mua: Carmen Muniz, Hair : Sharon Robinson)

Our WCW this week goes to COCO 7, not only for her hyper funky, 90’s influenced, hip hop/dance track, that we have been hearing across the fashion circuit this LFW, but also her campaign to spread awareness of mental health issues and support for those affected by the disorder. “It’s okay not to be okay!” Is Coco 7’s motto, and we don’t think she is going to stop until everyone believes it!

(Pic below, credits as follows: Tog: MArlon McKenzie, Hair/ Mua / Styling m: Gracie Jones)

Music, Clothing and Mental Health – Whoever said fashion lacked a conscience?

Former rapper and creative London PR girl, Coco 7 has jumped back onto the scene with a new track produced by rising star and talented producer – Michelin Shin. Who would have guessed that the songs’ bubbly flow and lyrical content was in fact a contribution to a mental health awareness campaign dedicated to the late great fashion editor “Isabella Blow”?

Isabella Blow, was an English magazine editor, the muse of hat designer Philip Treacy, and was credited with discovering fashion designer Alexander McQueen and models; Stella Tennant and Sophie Dahl. Isabella, sadly took her life a decade ago after suffering from a long-term battle with the emotional disorder.

Coco 7 – started the Get your #MindRight (MR) and Get your #MindRightSociety (MRS) campaign in order to help raise awareness of the rising number of mental health cases within the creative community. Funds already raised via her Crowdfunding campaign will support the on-going work already done within the community for those unable to cope.

(Pic below, credits as follows: Tog: MArlon McKenzie, Hair/ Mua / Styling m: Gracie Jones)

Thanks to the endorsement from CEO Lynette Charles at Mind Harringey, proceeds from the sale of the, Get Your MR & MRS T-shirts, as well as money raised from the single will directly go towards helping those suffering to access professional help and confidential support with charities located in the Harringey and Croydon Boroughs! Coco 7 hopes to eventually be able to roll this opportunity out over all 33 boroughs of London city – where 2m Londoners will experience mental ill health this year & 100k children and young people will experience mental health issues – as reported by the Mayor of London. With the likes of James Arthur, Stormzy, Jamal Edwards and most recently, Sinead O’connor going on record discussing their own battles and journeys with the emotional health disorder – this campaign hopes to tackle and address the taboo often associated with the illness by creating an opportunity for more people to share their stories via the hashtag #GetYourMindRight  in order to help those who may be suffering in silence and to further encourage support in the creative arena! The campaign aims to enforce the message: It’s okay not to be okay!

Coco 7 has teamed up with variety of talented creatives with various art forms to deliver this project and campaign as well as Mind Charity – (For better Mental Health). Coco 7’s campaign strap-line:

It’s not what goes on your head, but what goes on inside your head that counts…

Coco 7’s single: “Isabella Blow” is a timely tribute to the magazine editorwho would be proud to know, during London Fashion Week her name was once again on everybody’s lips as models rip the runway to the self-entitled track!

To find out more about the “Isabella Blow” track, t-shirts and ways to support the GetYour Mind Right campaign, please follow Coco 7 on:

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