Breaking into the music industry may seem unattainable due to the pandemic, but we’ve put together a list of things you can do that will help.

Music is something which many hold dear to their hearts. Music is there for us at the best and worst moments of our lives; we relate specific songs to experiences in our lives and are drawn to that exact moment in a heartbeat upon hearing the said song.  

With the gig and music industry brought to a halt due to Covid-19, it has been an incredibly long and challenging period for those who perform and those who enjoy attending these events.  

For those interested in branching into the music industry post-pandemic, especially if you have been working on your music throughout lockdown, keep reading! 

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Building Your Experience and Personal Branding 

Like most other things in life, it is crucial to build up your experience when chasing something that you feel passionate about. If you are someone who wants singing as their full-time career, it will be like any other career out there; to catch the attention of other people and scouts, you will need some experience behind you. 

While this is a bit more difficult to do at present due to the closure of gig venues, and the country being in a prolonged lockdown, there are options available to you, to keep things ticking over.  

Consider holding online concerts for people on social media platforms, or on platforms such as YouTube. Here you will still be able to showcase your talents and keep up the practice while unable to do so in person. What’s more, by fully utilising your social media platforms, you can build up your online image even further, contributing to your image and personal brand. 

Find a Way into the Industry 

While this may seem easier said than done, especially at present, not all hope is lost! Some agencies and scouts are still on the lookout for up-and-coming talented people such as yourselves, even during a global pandemic.  

Using services provided by digital music marketing agencies, like that of Now Listen PR, allows you to plug yourself even further, and get a helpful leg-up into the industry. Agencies such as this have industry contacts, with the likes of streaming services – think of Spotify, Tidal and more – as well as the opportunity to record a single or EP. 

We recognise that some people would rather be independent in their endeavours, but nothing stops you from asking or receiving some help and support from companies like this. They are there to help you achieve your dream, so make use of them!  

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Be Passionate 

Like anything in life that you want to be successful in, it is always best to be passionate about it! You cannot expect other people to be enthusiastic about what you have to offer if you do not exude that sort of thing yourself. 

By remaining passionate and enthusiastic about your projects, even in the face of adversity, you are bound to catch the attention of other like-minded individuals. Some of which might even want to collaborate with you! So there you have it Amorelles, breaking into the music industry top tips!

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