Whether it’s a wedding or prom, a cocktail party or dinner with friends, one of the most versatile, timeless and classic looks to pull off is a paisley printed dress. These dresses are a popular choice for brides and women who are simply looking to add some colour and sophistication to their wardrobe.

 paisley Printed Dress
Paisley Printed Dress

The fantastic thing about paisley prints is that they are universal – any woman can wear them and feel great about them. There are also many different cuts and silhouettes, so you’re guaranteed to find a dress to suit your unique figure.

Paisley Strappy Bardot Dress
Paisley Strappy Bardot Dress @ £16.00 amazon.co.uk

So, how can a bride go from ordinary to extraordinary? It really comes down to the kind of style she wants to pursue. Do you want to stand out amongst the crowd? If so, then look at wearing a sash tie dress. This is incredibly flattering on virtually any figure and very subtle. It’s perfect for the summer but equally suitable for those rainy days as well.

PAISLEY PRINTED AURORA MIDI DRESS IN PINK @ £123.00 trafficpeople.co.uk

Alternatively, the classic paisley dresses feature oversized blooms in a range of different styles. The classic look is a long dress with oversized blooms at the bodice, sleeves and back. However, the blooms can be in different colours, so you can choose to wear a colour that suits your wedding theme.

 Women's Paisley Printed Two Zip Dress Casual
Women’s Paisley Printed Two Zip Dress Casual @ £11.89 – £24.00 amazon.co.uk.

A brilliant style to wear at a wedding would be the sleeved oversized bouquet. The colour palette can be kept similar to the traditional bride’s colour scheme by opting to wear white and crystal bridesmaid dresses, but with the flowers edged out of the dress.


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For a more contemporary look, some dresses have sharp cuts with delicate floral accents. These are ideal for a summer evening wedding and could even be worn as evening wear on a day when the temperature is expected to be lower. The bride can opt to wear a dress with a bit of an edgy design, which isn’t very traditional.

Paisley and Floral V Neck Knit Dress
Paisley and Floral V Neck Knit Dress @ £40.99 etsy.com/uk

This silhouette will also work especially well if the bridal party also wears chic bridal shoes and a pair of designer clutch bags. To get some ideas for paisley printed dresses and ideas for bridal party dresses, it’s worth taking some time out to explore the vast world of online retailers. A great way to get inspiration for your wedding is to look at some modern pictures of the bride.

paisley printed dress
paisley printed dress

Look for simple, elegant style dresses with chic embellishments and intricate details. With this information in hand, it will be much easier to plan your own wedding.

Halterneck Hippie Red Paisley Dress Boho Beach Dress
Halterneck Hippie Red Paisley Dress Boho Beach Dress @ £30.80 etsy.com/uk

There are plenty of websites that offer various ideas for paisley printed dresses, from classic styles to contemporary looks. The Internet is also a great source of inspiration as the different styles will bring out different aspects of the bride, giving her a more unique and beautiful look.

Topshop paisley print wrap satin shirt dress in green current @ £45.99 asos.com

Some of the most popular ideas include tie-dyed paisley dresses in yellow and gold, and tea length style dresses in lace accents and pastel-coloured dresses in pastel shades. The floral crowns or flowers used on the dress can enhance these different looks, helping the bride stand out from the crowd and really make her special.

Bridesmaid dresses can also benefit from a little paisley printing on them, making them look even more like the actual wedding dress! This is particularly useful for bridesmaid dresses that are in solid shades of white or ivory. Instead of dyeing them a different colour, which requires extra cost, print the dress’s flowery design using a high-quality printer.

Pull&bear paisley print dress
Pull&bear paisley print dress @ £11.50 asos.com

The print will last for months, allowing the bridesmaid to enjoy the special occasion without having to worry about damage to their dress. This is also a great option for brides who would prefer their bridesmaids to access the printed dresses but who wouldn’t want to spend a little extra on the occasion itself.

Paisley Print Midi Dress
Paisley Print Midi Dress @ £40.00 etsy.com/uk

For any wedding, paisley prints look incredible.

mini smock dress with shirred neck in paisley print
mini smock dress with the shirred neck in paisley print @ £17.85 asos.com

Even if you have many people wear white at your wedding, there’s still a lot of opportunities to create a fun, unique look that reflects your personality as a bride.


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Check out some of the ideas above and see how a few colours and some fun designs can really lend an interesting twist to any of your bridal gowns.

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