Beach skirts are one of the trendiest looks right now in the fashion world. They are great for every occasion, work or just relaxing on the beach. With so many different looks and accessories to choose from, finding the best beach skirt is easy. Here are some of the hottest looks for summer right now:

Womens Summer Long Pleated Beach Skirt
Womens Summer Long Pleated Beach Skirt £17.32

A bikini-style beach skirt is very popular right now. Most likely, it is because this type of skirt is made from stretchy material that drapes down the hips and buttocks for a sexy look.

The materials that are used also give the beach skirt its super comfortable fit. This is a great option for people who do not like their body being exposed, but also for those who are sensitive to the material.

Tommy Hilfiger White Beach Club Skirt
Tommy Hilfiger White Beach Club Skirt £42

Basic straight skirts are also making a comeback. These skirts are made of a single piece of fabric and often have two side panels to make them look more elaborate and sophisticated.

There is a classic straight cut that looks good on almost everyone, and of course, the sexy straight cut that curves around your waist to accentuate your curves. Some of these skirts are ruffled and others have unique prints on them, just like anything else that has each inspiration.

Smock Insert Skirt by Beachtime
Smock Insert Skirt by Beachtime £22

There are also printed beach clothing such as tank tops and hats.

beach skirts with hat

There are several different designs for tank tops including the triangle top and the bandeau top. The bandeau top is shaped like a triangle but has stretchy sections in the middle to give you a streamlined silhouette. Both of these styles are great for wearing alone or over a bikini top. For a fun look, try combining the two styles with some bright coloured cardigans.

Sicily Ruffle Skirt Set – Red £ 45

Corsets are also a popular look for women who are more confident in their skin. They are more flattering on busty women and are also perfect for women who are self-conscious about their tummy. A strapless corset style skirt is also popular among beachgoers. These are designed to be worn low. To add some pizzazz and height, you can buy some short boots with a corset attached.


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Finally, one of the most popular beach skirt options is thongs. They can be found in a range of different materials from rayon to mesh, but all are highly comfortable and sexy.

Womens Cotton On Ruffle Tiered Beach Skirt
Womens Cotton On Ruffle Tiered Beach Skirt £ 13.86

One of the downsides to choosing thongs is that they do not offer much support as other fabrics. However, this is often well worth the trade-off because many women feel much more comfortable wearing them.

If you are looking for a beach skirt to wear as a lounging ensemble, there are also some alternatives to spandex and Lycra that are becoming popular. Satin is one of the most popular options for beach cover-ups because it is extremely durable and can be washed in the machine.

Women Bikini Swim Sheer Beach Wrap Skirt
Women Bikini Swim Sheer Beach Wrap Skirt £6.50

Beach cover-ups are a hot trend for women this summer. The key to shopping for a good beach skirt is to make sure that it is made from a breathable material that allows air to circulate. You will also want to choose a skirt that has plenty of eye appeal so that you will feel comfortable when you are out on the beach.


There are several styles of beach skirt to choose from including knee-high, low cut, mid-rise, and bikini type. The kind of skirt you choose depends largely on the location and time of year you plan to wear it. Depending on where you live and the weather conditions you may find yourself putting your skirt up more than down. A beach skirt that is up is great because it helps to keep you from getting sunburned.


Another thing to look for in a beach skirt is whether or not it has a drawstring at the top. Many beach cover-ups have strings at the top that can be pulled through the beach skirt to allow for easier access to your belongings. This will allow you to access your bag without having to remove your beach skirt. It is a must-have if you are going to be using a beach skirt as a beach cover-up.

Choosing the right colour for your beach skirt can be a bit tricky. The most popular colours include bright neon colours, pastels, and solid colours.

Solid colours beach skirt

You want to pick a colour that looks good with the rest of your swimsuit and accessories. With the right colour, you can look pretty, smart, or just plain sexy!

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