The British heritage brand is well known for their support to up-and-coming and established British music acts. Their Acoustic project aims to showcase the most live and bright young musicians from Jake Bugg and Tom Odell, whilst their regular musicians in their campaigns.

I think this is a great step for the brand, the flagship store down in Regent street has more than enough space to host a gig for around 500+ people, and it’s a great way to merge  the British Arts. By using their innovative Regent Store to host a series of live performances, for FREE will entice a younger audience as well as be a remarkable experience for shoppers … buying a new purse and then waiting for one of your favorite musicians to play in the very same building?

This announcement is no surprise to me, the store is built to have such events as the main hall area looks like an auditorium. So with that in mind, a gig in that store could hold around 1,000 goers (we could be part of the goers guys !!! Whippieee).

 Have a look at their trailer here

The Live at 121 Regent Street series of concerts will kick off on April 23 with the Kaiser Chiefs, and will mark the first time the store has been used for a large-scale public event since it opened last September.  Tickets will be free, assigned through a registering system – visit at 12pm tomorrow, April 10, to apply.

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