London-based powerhouse Ciara Vizzard has released her new single ‘Price’. A testament to authenticity, the track sets Ciarra’s impassioned vocals to a luscious guitar and punchy drums. Listen to the full track below:

We also caught up with the singer and asked her, what her top 5 tracks are.

Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes 

I loved this song so much when I was a little kid.  I would listen to this album on repeat when I was younger because I just loved the melodies and RnB pop vibes so much, but this song in particular always caught my ear. It’s just such a feel-good melody and Janet’s vocals sound so dreamy. I could listen to it endlessly.

Boyz II Men – Can you Stand The Rain

I also listened to this album on repeat when I was super young. The harmonies of Boyz II Men made me fall in love with harmonies and vocal runs. This was always one of my favourite tracks of the album with the beautiful vocals and simple production.

Ry X – Only

Ry is one of my all-time favourite artists. He is mesmerising to watch live and his music just transports me into my creative, songwriting headspace every time. This song, in particular, gets me with the lyrics and the raw verses vocally with the ethereal choruses. I just find the melody with the lyrics so moving. It feels like something I would want to write but can never seem to express myself.

Foy Vance –  Be The Song

I watched Foy play this live in a random dive bar in Belfast before it ever was released publically. This song hit me so immensely at the time with the melody, particularly the chorus. I remember just listening to the recording I had made at the time repeatedly after the night because it transported me every time. I fell in love with this track and still love it. Again it’s simple production with such heartfelt lyrics feel like my broken heart in song. It inspires me to go to the feelings of hurt we have all experienced and speak those into song, or at least try. It inspires me to be brave to write the song that speaks to the deepest parts of our souls and hope it moves the listener in the way this song moves me each time.

Cory Asbury – Reckless Love

Where do I start with this song? This song is such a special song for me. Sure there are some amazing melody and production hooks, but the message behind it is what moves me with the most.  It talks about the ultimate love, agape. Getting to sing this in church is often a highlight for me because I mean every word when I sing it.  It inspires me both with its pop-like melodies and lyrics. I never grow tired of listening to it or singing it.

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