It seems like it has been a long time since we heard the name DJ Ironik buzzing around, can we get a quick update from the last time you were on the scene to what finally made you say this is the right time to come back?
I’m always working if I’m honest, whether it’s just putting a video out online, or touring still, or even DJing through the summer. This year has been one of my busiest summers yet preparing for all the upcoming releases and showing my face out and about again. Also last year I put out an EP called ‘Independently Unstoppable’ which done pretty well and had some good collaborations from Lemar, to Loick Essien and more. As for an official release, it’s been since 2011 (Killed Me ft McLean), after I had an incident in 2010 I wasn’t in the best place of my life if I am honest, but in the last two years I have definitely bounced back and I’m back to work feeling better than ever.

Can you tell me a little bit about “Die For You” and also how the song came together?
Well with most of my songs I write I always try to write about my life experiences or things that happen around me, whether its a close friends relationship or a family member! In this case it was a relationship I saw close to me happening which sparked most of the words for ‘Die For You’, but also lyrics that I think everybody and anybody can relate to.

When can we expect the EP? And what is the general sound and message you want to send with this EP.
You can expect a different sound to my usual as you can most probably hear from the first single, but still elements of my original style of music. Just a bit more grown up sound I would say. I really wanted to make more fun music but still with substance to it. I’m a big fan of Drum and Bass so I thought it was only right to incorporate some of those sounds in these records we have. I think some parts of the EP are fun and some parts still have story telling elements and can take you on an musical journey.

Can we look forward to any big collaborations on this EP?
I hope so, none that I can give away just yet as I’m still finalising a few bits on the EP, but you never know. As you know so far L Marshall was on the first single and I have also worked with a few up and coming singers who sound great too!

What is the next single?
Me and my label manager are stuck between two big records we have right now, which are titled ‘CHAOS WE KNOW’ and ‘TOUCH’ so will definitely be one or the other you’ll hear next.

At the age of 26 you’ve managed to be big name in the game, is there any advice you give to new artist on longevity?
I’d say just keep going man, there’s no rules in making music saying that you have to stop (lol). And also, always have fun and enjoy what you are doing, whether it’s in the studio or on tour, make sure it’s always fun. The moment I stop having fun I’ll be done.

Can we expect to see you at any shows soon?
I’m always gigging somewhere or DJ’ing so I’m sure you can find out on my twitter where I’m next about. We also want to schedule in some promo gigs to promote the EP and singles we have coming up so look out for those soon!

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