Statistics show that male-dominated industries and occupations employ fewer women and are particularly vulnerable to masculine stereotypes that make it even more difficult for women to excel. It’s still sometimes very difficult for female entrepreneurs and women hoping to excel in a cooperate company (which are usually male dominated). Girls Talk London is a movement which brings those issues to life, helping women gain confidence within themselves, reminding women that no matter what sex you are, dreams do come true.
Girls Talk London was by far an inspirational event. The movement invited the magazine to the Red Bull studios, where the event was held to connect with some senior women in the industry.

The women who spoke at the event were Jenni Savin, Features writer for Cosmopolitan magazine, Natasha Lunn, Features editor for Red Magazine, Corinne Redfern, Freelance Editor, Coco Khan, Senior Editor of Complex UK and Emma Gordon, Project manager for also Complex UK.

The women spoke about their experiences, and issues they’ve come across, being a women in the industry. The speech the five women gave, inspired a lot of young women to work harder and to realise that sexism will not change, but that doesn’t stop you from getting your dream job.

We as women have grown up with the mindset of men, taking over the house hold and having the perfect job that it automatically affects our insecurities when we want to progress in anything. The women who spoke at the event made it known that when women, work hard and stick together, there’s no way you can’t achieve your goals.

A big thanks to Vanessa Anyauke for creating such a great event.

Some of the images were taken from the Girls Talk London official event.

Words: Wardah Sempa

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