Up and coming British R&B-soul artist, singer, and songwriter KEMI SULOLA is back with a glorious new single titled ‘IF’ as she continues to tease towards her anticipated new projects such as Room 3 coming next year. ‘IF’, which is produced by Brighton musician, DJ and producer El Train, who has worked with Pip Millet, Barney The Artist, IYAMAH and Jerome Thomas, among others, sees Kemi Sulola delivering an infectious UK R&B masterclass with catchy pop sensibilities and honest relatable songwriting, which also pays homage to the golden era of 90’s R&B with its lush melodies and vocal harmonies.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her new single ‘IF’, Kemi Sulola says, “The song is about a lady who is usually very sure of herself except for when it comes to love. To me, ‘IF’ is a song that speaks for people who may feel insecure about their lover or ultimately themselves. It questions if the one we need to be there for us in our hardest times would really be there. I suppose it was written in reflection of a time when I was in need and wondered the same. Essentially without saying the word, ‘IF’ inspires me to think about love and what the true meaning of it is”.

Digging deeper into that inspiration, which the song conjures up for her, Kemi explains further, “On what condition can we love each other, can we weather through hard times and still love and mostly how do we show love. The song was actually written a few years ago, after I was sent a host of beats by my producer El Train, I immediately felt connected to its vibes and wrote to it, but feelings of insecurity meant it almost wasn’t going to be released, so it stayed on my computer for ages! But some years later, I heard it again and it felt brand new to me, and I knew then that now is the right time for the song to be released to the world!

In the middle of a lengthy battle with Neurosarcoidosis that has seen her in and out of hospital for years, Kemi Sulola released ‘Raindrops’ at the start of 2020 to rave reviews from the likes of GUAP Magazine, SoulTracks and Verve Radio, after which, she also opened for R&B legend Teedra Moses at the renowned jazz club Hideaway. Bolstered by pop icon Janet Jackson sharing her music on Instagram and imploring her to keep singing, Kemi then followed up with the protest song ‘Justice’ in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and to raise money for the Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health Charity (BLAM UK), before closing out the year with the undeniable ‘New Form’ that was championed by DJ Target at BBC 1Xtra.

Whilst working to overcome her health condition, Kemi Sulola remains focused on her pursuit to make a mark in the music industry and create great music. Throughout 2021, she has dedicated much of her artistry to the development of her upcoming music projects, one of which is her long awaited, highly anticipated EP Room 3, which arrives next year, on the back of ‘IF’ offering us an exciting undiscovered edge to Kemi’s artistry. With a musical foundation that cuts across R&B, soul, reggae, hip-hop and jazz to great effects, a penchant for positive yet authentic messaging in her songwriting, and a mission to bring back good energy and vibrations through her music, the British R&B-soul songstress is certainly an exciting prospect to look out for going into 2022.

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