Olivia Swann returns with a brand new track entitled, ‘Gaslight’. Originally written as a demo for Rihanna, the London based singer-songwriter decided to take the track and twist it into a refreshingly raw insight into gaslighting and power play, with her quick-witted lyricism and abundance of attitude adding a punchy edge to the verses.

“I don’t think we talk enough about the power of seduction in a relationship and how sometimes someone can use intense chemistry to blur and confuse the reality of a situation” she explains, “In my case it was finally figuring out that you’re not crazy, they are! Ultimately recognising their serious obsession with me, I wish I could have told myself to wake up!”. A collaboration with fellow UK artist LionHaire, whose sun-soaked authentic Reggae sounds melt perfectly into the melody, their contrasting vocals weave beautifully within one another, and with a glossy production finish from Symphony (ZAYN, Timbaland), it could just be Olivia’s best release yet. 

Her fifth release in quick succession, Olivia has risen through the ranks in the last year, with her explosive debut ‘Salty’ being championed by 1Xtra’s DJ Target, BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and Apple Music’s Rebecca Judd, as well as racking up over 55,000 views on Youtube alone and several of her songs going viral on TikTok. The Berklee College of Music graduate has a distinct style that reflects her music, using streetwear and trainers as opposed to dresses and heels to express herself. “I am an eternal tomboy,” Olivia explains. “Handbags and heels just aren’t my thing. I would constantly get mistaken for a boy as my go-to look was baggy jeans, beanies, football shirts and of course trainers at all times!”, and her defiance to adhere to the industry’s expectations is what makes her so compelling as an artist.

 Listen to the full track below:

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