Now that summer is here, so is sweat patches!! We bring you all the info you need to know about one of the very few cons about the hot weather…


> Affects 3% of Men & Women 

>Affects adolescents mostly

>This usually reduces as you get older


Overactive nervous system

Genetic (from parents)

Worrying about it makes it worse!



You can get extra strong ones on prescription from your doctor. The ones prescribed will have a higher dose of aluminium




Botox treatment of armpits turns off sweat glands in a local area of the body. Only recommended if strong antiperspirants fail

THE HERBALIST Sweaty armpits can be a real problem, especially as girls are maturing very early these days. We sweat when we are stressed and synthetic clothes make us sweat. Natural fabrics will keep you cooler, so you will sweat less; organic cotton, linen, silk and even bamboo clothing can be a better and more sustainable choice for your clothes and the environment.

Sweating is a way of regulating body heat when you run or play sports. Underarm hair helps to dissipate the heat but it is rare to see a natural armpit these days. Whether you shave or not, it is a good idea to use an organic deodorant, which uses naturally occurring salts that are not easily absorbed; rather than antiperspirants that clog the underarm pores.
There is a fantastic range of organic products, I prefer the Citronella crystal sticks or Calendula (marigold) roll-ons; they are more expensive but last much, much longer. Citronella is made from lemon grass and has a refreshing smell. Marigold is styptic (stops bleeding) is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal when used on the skin so will deter all these bugs (NB Beware some people can be allergic to this member of the daisy family).
Whichever product you prefer, read the labels – your skin will absorb any chemicals and may react to natural as well as synthetic products. Remember your body knows how to get rid of natural products and will not store them in breast tissue or fat like synthetic chemicals. Menopausal sweats or hyperhidrosis can often be simply controlled by drinking a few cups of sage tea every day. If your sweat is very smelly it may indicate a metabolic condition, in which case it is wise to visit your medical herbalist or health professional for a consultation. Jane Placca MNIMH BSc (Hons) consults in central Manchester and Hulme and can be contacted on 07944 916 196 or via email at [email protected] or via the National Institute of Medical Herbalists at www.nimh.org.uk  ©The Manchester Herbalist 2013.

For some people excessive perspiration can be a serious problem. One that can affect their confidence and negatively impact many areas of their lives from work to social situations, or their personal lives. The medical term for this condition is ‘Hyperhidrosis’, and the sweating can occur on different parts of the body for different people. Commonly people have problems with sweaty hands and feet, in the armpit, or in the groin area. They often notice it first in childhood or adolescence and the problem can continue well into adulthood.
The first line of treatment offered is usually special antiperspirants which are applied and left overnight to be washed off in the morning. In extreme cases, surgery to remove the sweat glands might be offered.
Loose-fitting cotton clothing would also be recommended, especially next to the skin.
This can be quite an embarrassing, and even upsetting problem for some people and I am happy to say that it can quite easily and successfully be treated with Botulinum Toxin popularly known as ‘Botox.’ This is injected into the skin with a number of small injections across the affected area, and works by blocking the nerves that supply the eccrine (sweat) glands, stopping them from producing sweat. It’s a fairly painless and quick procedure, and if the patient is sensitive to needles, I apply a topical anaesthetic first.
The treatment is typically very effective and while it doesn’t cure hyperhidrosis, it does provide temporary relief. It needs to be repeated every 6 months to control the condition. Most of the patients I’ve treated in this way have been really happy with the result, and coming in two or three times a year for a top-up is really quite minimal in terms of maintenance. Prices are around £400 per session.
Dr. Sach Mohan

PRODUCT REVIEW – Safe Guard Sweat Pads
This product gets 4/5! These pads are excellent for preventing sweat patches. The only downfall is, you can’t wear these with everything! The clothing has to have arms for it to stick to, so not ideal with vest tops for example! 120 pads for £20.50 –

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