“All are it unstable. It’s meaning is not necessarily that implied by the author. There is no authoritative voice. There are only multiple readings.” David Bowie, 1995


After weeks of hearing about the David Bowie exhibition, Amor magazine decided to take a quick visit, at the V&A museum, to the exhibition to see exactly what the fuss was all about!

For those who don’t know who David Bowie is (You should do but anyway), David Bowie managed to take over music and fashion at the same time by becoming the musical butterfly, and adapting himself according to fashion and trends (LEDGEND)! Oh yeah he was also born in Brixton!

Even thou pictures were not allowed to be taken in the exhibition, i took enough for you guys to kind of witness what i viewed! (HA!)

The exhibition at the V&As clearly had influences from a contemporary culture. The exhibition gave a story feeling, especially when walking through the two long gloomy rooms,

with guide ports of music and David Bowie himself, speaking.

The exhibition gave you a feeling of what David Bowie’s life was really about, how he influenced people with his bizarre looking clothes and how people actually loved his music.

(Awards, David Bowie had won because of his music)

We also got to see the first few pictures David Bowie actually drew before becoming the legend he become!

The music we heard at the exhibition were music performed by David Bowie – sounded very Beatles rock band influenced – and his clothing looked like clothing you would where, out of space (Very rare).

One of the outfits that David Bowie had worn, which Amor magazine found interesting, was a Jumpsuit containing line drawings.


Clearly shows that in those days, looking like a robot was in trend!

However the exhibition, was so much fun and contained a lot of realism. Therefore my advice is to take a scroll at the V&A museum and have a look at the David Bowie exhibition! (Must see)


Words: Wardah Sempa

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