admin December 5, 2012

A travelling true crime writer finds himself right in the heart of his present job. Actor Ethan Hawke (known as Elliot in the film) works best when he is near the location of the crime he is writing about. So, in order to do this he becomes a frequent house mover and so does his family. However, he took it a bit too far this time and buys the actual house the crime took place in. To his surprise h found out it was the work of a serial killer dating back to the 1960′s. Sounds mildly interesting, but the end was so abrupt it felt rushed and as though it lacked efficient planning. Dubbed a horror / mystery and was rated an average of 7 out of a possible 10. Personally, I felt it was a waste of an hour and 50 minutes. Don’t bother!

Written by: Jan-Marie Revers ( @JammyDodgerZz )

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