Ok, so for a long while running we have all seen and become familiar with the overpowered midi dress takeover by ONLY just every girl in the country! In fact they can be put across so stylish and elegantly, that we can almost count on all of you mums to have one in your wardrobe too! From plain round necks, to aztec prints and the ever so chic bardot style we have seen them all…

 Just as we were about to finally get over the midi dress hype ‘midi’ has set a new lead into the hands of all of us fashionistas… speaking of hands, quite literally too! 

Midi Rings!

The cute little accessory adds a subtle touch to feminise the hands of any woman. They are styled to be worn midway of the tip of your finger and the first joint, adding that extra ooze of glam or urban front depending on the style you choose.

Midi rings can now be found in Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Asos Marketplace and Ebay.

Here we have Rihanna, sporting midi rings in such a fashionable way, yet I can’t deny loving the look!

Words: Charlotte Irving 

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