New XO Balm is an indie beauty brand for eczema relief and dry skin. Created by Charlotte, a long-term sufferer of contact dermatitis who failed to find prescribed products suited to her lifestyle, and was fed up with the unattractive image of the category.

Alongside 6 million people in the UK suffering from dry, irritated and damaged skin, I also have been dealing with eczema from a young age. Although it isn’t as prominent as it once was, I still get random outbreaks, mostly when the seasons change.

After hearing about XO Balm and that it was created from 100% natural ingredients including emollients coconut oil and olive oil, I thought I’d give it a shot – besides I’ve tried all sorts of remedies on the market.

XO Balm provides a natural remedy for those suffering from eczema, contact dermatitis, dry and rough skin. The natural beauty solution comes in a small round tin with an applicator and housed in mirror. It fits neatly in any bag size and can be used all over.

I used XO Balm for a couple weeks on the affected areas and found it soothing and moisturising. It had a mild smell, which was ideal for night-time use. My eczema doesn’t magically disappear when using this product, but it certainly is less irritated and I like that it is a natural product I’m using on my skin.

XO Balm is also a sustainable product with recyclable packaging, designed to be reused. It is also an active supporter of the Oxfordshire charity Give Bees a Chance, who’s work, allows healthy bee populations to live and grow.

Available online priced at £12.50.

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