You can forget walking around with uncomfortable fabric sitting between your toes, which are probably leaving blister, and spending a good five minutes bent down trying to do up your sandals is also no longer essential. Why? Because Sliders are everywhere, they’re comfortable, practical and look great and save you from those Summer shoe worries.

Simply slip your feet in, and you’re ready to go. Your outfit is complete with some on-trend, easy to wear footwear – I don’t think you can go wrong!

They’re casual, yes, but still, there are so many variations, mixing them up is always an option. Whether your want to go for a smarter look, with a silky textured black fabric finished with a bow, or you want to opt for a beach vibe, with blue and sailor styled stripes on a rubber fabric. There are plenty of option and most of which won’t break the bank.

Not only are sliders comfortable and practical, they are also very affordable, in fact, they seem to be one of the most inexpensive shoe styles around at the moment. New Look has some amazing options. I’ve been eyeing up this pink satin pair for only £15.99 (, which will give a fancy feel to the most comfortable shoe, leaving you the option to dress them up or down. The shade of pink is also a great neutral which will go with everything but also expand a monochrome colour palette.

If you’re a fan of branding, you can find sliders right up your street, with companies such as Nike and Vivienne Westwood showing off their logos, and turning that artwork we all know so well, into a standout feature on the sliders. I have fallen in love with this pair by Vivienne Westwood’s ( – they may be a little more pricey coming in at £95, but they’re such a statement pair of shoes. The black and white combo create a classic finish, and I love how the Vivienne Westwood artwork is incorporated, with that beach wave twist, giving the shoes a splash of Summer.

I’d suggest sliding your feet into some sliders this Summer, they look amazing and feel great too!

Words : Chloe Hariet

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