I’m sure we’re all beginning to feel a little bored of this lockdown and ready to be let out for summer. So, here are some self-care tips that will relax you whilst preparing you for summer:


Your skin is the largest organ in the body and one that needs to be protected. So, if you’re sunbathing outside in your garden make sure that you’re keeping topped up on your sun cream! After a long day soaking up the sun, make sure to enjoy a nice facemask that will cool your skin whilst rejuvenating fine lines and impurities that may still lay on the skin. We have a few here at Amor that we love to use:


Banobagi is an authentic and reliable cosmeceutical brand developed by a top Korean dermatologist. They have many skin masks available that help combat different things such as anti-ageing, firming, brightening, soothing, and hydrating to name a few.

Banobagi is one of South Korea’s most trusted brands and has introduced their most innovative and bestselling Milk Thistle Repair Mask to the UK. Developed by a team of 30 medical professionals and based on 20 years of clinical experience and thesis. The revolutionary mask is setting a new benchmark in high-performance skincare, thanks to its pioneering cocktail of ingredients that leave the skin smoother and more youthful-looking after just one application – even for the most sensitive skin.

BANOBAGI Milk Thistle Repair Mask £3.20 


L’OCCITANE’s Invigorating Face and Eye Mask launched back in May, has become a storm within the UK. Enriched with freshly picked melon from Provence and Vitamin C, this mask has an amazing “sorbet” texture that feels so fresh, it gives an instant invigorating boost. Perfect for perking up tired or dull skin, or bringing down under-eye puffiness, it can be used by all skin types. Apply to the entire face if you want to use it as a face mask, or simply use it as an eye-area mask. And if you want an ultra-fresh “icy” effect, place it in the fridge for 10 minutes before use.

L’OCCITANE Invigorating Face & Eye Mask £29



L’OCCITANE has also introduced their new Sweet Melon Delicious Lip Scrub which we are OBSESSED with! It gently exfoliates and sloughs away dead skin cells, to leave lips feeling soft, smooth, soothed, refreshed and hydrated. Made with melon from Provence, as well as pomelo, carrot and pomegranate oils, it’s infused with Vitamin E. The natural, mouth-watering melon scent is so addictive, you’ll want to scrub your lips every day!

L’OCCITANE Sweet Melon Lip Scrub £15

The last new addition from L’OCCITANE is their Lip Oils. If you’re looking for a lip colour that’s less intense and more subtle, or if you just want your lips to shine, then their new lip oils are perfect for you! The oils are free of silicones and animal-derived ingredients, but they give a completely different finish.

Enriched with a Provençal and Mediterranean blend of fruit and botanical Oils (pomelo, pomegranate and carrot), Vitamin E and a moisturising agent, they hydrate your lips and leave them looking shiny and plumped, with a gorgeous tint of colour. The oil texture glides on easily, making your lips feel supple and comfortable, while the fresh scent conjures up images of sun-drenched fruits bursting with vitamins.

L’OCCITANE Lip Oil £12


Dr Paw Paw is an absolute fave of ours! We adore using their products, they are an award-winning brand that produces multipurpose products for everybody using 98% natural ingredients. Their products are of course vegan and cruelty-free and they’re also affordable which is a huge bonus! Their lip balms hydrate and restore your lips whilst protecting them too. Their products retail from £3.95.

DR PAWPAW Balms From £3.95


A lot of us have been washing our hands like crazy and for most of us it’s drying out our hands- providing even worse for those working on the front-line or those who already suffer for skin conditions. So, here are some of our faves for protecting and moisturising our hands.


Dr Paw Paw products are is a multi-use, their original balms and Shea Butter formulas are the perfect overnight hand treatment to help restore your hands quickly and efficiently. Their Original Balm and Shea Butter Balm can act as an intensive hand treatment to gently restore and replenish hands. Restoring dry, cracked and sore skin with this overnight treatment.

It is especially effective for those suffering from eczema or pyrosis, both our clear formula balms have active ingredients that work to soothe, nourish, protect and moisturise the skin and have been the go-to balms for many in recent weeks to repair and soothe hands back to their natural state.

DR PAWPAW Original Balm £6.95


Seams were originally created for seamstresses to help mend and moisturise their dry pinpricked hands. During a Millinery course at The London College of Fashion, Karen J Gerrard was unable to find a hand cream that wasn’t greasy. It was because of this that she created her award-winning hand care brand SEAMS.

SEAMS have made sure that their products leave hands feeling instantly soft, with their unique and stunning scent. The brands’ new Silk Touch Hand & Nail Oil is a silky-smooth softening oil created to help soften, nourish and restore cuticles, nails and particularly dry patches of skin. It can be used alone or as a hand and nail treatment under SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream. This new product is packed full of essential fatty acids and natural actives including Rosehip Oil, Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Peony Root Extract, Pomegranate Oil and special actives from Coconut Oil.

SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream – £14 SEAMS Hand & Nail Oil – £22
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