Loafers have always been in vogue. They are available in classic styles, which are a traditional type of loafers, and the more common adjustable version, the double-pointed.

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The latter style can be modified with different laces to create different looks for work, evening, or school. Contemporary loafers are characterized by their wide, flat heels and sleek construction.

Outdoor Fashion Men Leather loafers Shoes
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These days, chunky loafers are in vogue. A contemporary, trendy look can easily be achieved by accessorizing with this stylish footwear.


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However, do not let your stylishness go to waste by wearing them only in office attire or other business-like outfits. These flat shoes are as fashionable as they come into the fashion market. Here are some of the latest trends in chunky loafers for women.

High Heels Loafers

To keep up with the latest trends, many women are now sporting high heels. Flat-heeled loafers look extremely elegant with any outfit.

Kensett Womens Block Heel Loafers
Kensett Women’s Block Heel Loafers £70.00 @charlesclinkard.co.uk

They are great with slim pants, denim, skirts, and mini-dresses. You can also find modern leather loafers that perfectly complement your smart office look.

Kitten-heel lizard-effect leather loafers
Kitten-heel lizard-effect leather loafers £570 @matchesfashion.com

Choose a pair with a rounded toe or embellished with beads for a modern update of your classic look.

Fashion Thirsty Womens Ladies Flat Tassel Loafers
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Beaded Or Plaid Loafers

Another up-and-coming trend is the use of plaid patterns and motifs in your shoes. Using colour, you can evoke a Bohemian vibe in any look. With so many colours to choose from, you can get the perfect fit for any outfit. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back casual look or a glamorous party look, these patterns will never fail to bring out the best in you.

Sam Edelman Women's Loraine Loafer
Sam Edelman Women’s Loraine Loafer @ amazon.co.uk

For instance, an embroidered floral print on white is a perfect match for a casual daytime look. For a more formal look, you could go with a printed lace pattern on black leather.

Chunky Loafers

Finally, there are some women who opt to buy fancy fashion loafers for a special occasion. When shopping, be sure to check for a leather upper portion that is waterproof. The lining should also be water-resistant to protect your feet and ankles in the case of wet weather.

Chunky loafers E125M
Chunky loafers E125M £79.50 @something-for-me.co.uk

With these qualities in mind, you will be able to step into any well-designed, high-quality women’s leather loafers with confidence.

Monster 90's Chunky Loafers Black Leather
Monster 90’s Chunky Loafers
Black Leather £30.00 @office.co.uk

Leather Loafers

Men’s leather loafers are also available in a plethora of colours and styles. Whether you prefer the traditional look of tan, brown, or black, you can pair your footwear with almost any other outfit. Your manhood will be the perfect accessory to complete your ensemble.

Bonnie Loafer in Original Chestnut Calf Leather
Bonnie Loafer in Original Chestnut Calf Leather £262.50 @cheaney.co.uk

Leather loafers for men have come a long way since your days as a student.

Of course, leather is still the most popular material for men’s loafers. The key to this look is to pair it with a nice blazer or jacket. Also, make sure to compliment your leather loafers with jeans.

The Madame leather loafers
The Madame leather loafers £570 @matchesfashion.com

For women’s leather footwear, you can choose flat-heeled, flat depending on whether you prefer a casual lifestyle or a business wardrobe. It’s a great way to pull off a rugged look without being overkill.


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Fashionable men’s and women’s leather loafers come in several different styles. The choices include flat leather, high leather, saddle loafers, and others. The type you choose depends on the style of your personal fashion.

Also, there are many different finishes to choose from. Learn about the different finishes available so you can choose a finish that compliments your skin tone the most.

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