A London fashion trend for the past decade or so has been to favour one-piece garments such as crochet crop tops. This can be in any colour, making it versatile and easy to team with a range of different items from heels to bags to jewellery.

Women'sSleeveless Crochet Lace Crop Top
Women’sSleeveless Crochet Lace Crop Top @amazon.co.uk

Although they have traditionally been worn by women who were either attending a wedding or had been invited to a party, these days they are more popular with teen girls. They are a classic style that can create an elegant, sophisticated look. Here we have five popular colours for this season’s crochet crop tops – finding the right style for you.


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The traditional floral pattern is a popular choice, but there is also a range of non-floral options including gold, dark blue, grey, and green. Gold has always been a popular choice but now features both long and short styles. It can be worn with jeans, trousers, and skirts.

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Black is another popular colour but lookout for patterns such as checks or stripes that give a more dressed up look.

BLACK CROCHET INSERT GYPSY CROP TOP £3.99 @selectfashion.co.uk

Cropped tops are usually sleeveless and therefore complement the feminine features of a woman. They come in various shades and although they may be predominantly white or alternatively gold and black, there are some which incorporate other colours including burgundy and blue.

Be Daring Burgundy Crochet Tassel Bralet
Be Daring Burgundy Crochet Tassel Bralet £5 @pinkboutique.co.uk

Silver is also gaining popularity with accessories such as brooches and pins adding glamour to the outfit. Other popular colours include bright red and pink, orange, yellow and green.

Halter Top Handmade Crochet Crop Top @ amazon.co.uk

The more seasonal styles are also proving popular with fashionistas. These tend to be made from materials that will go well with the summer weather; fabrics such as linen and cotton are always popular and look great with chiffon scarves.

They can be quite casual and are great for use in combination with leggings, shorts, and even jeans.

Summertime is usually a time when the crop top will be most popular with those who are wearing shorter dresses. The cropped styles are simple and are known for the conservative cut, which stops just above the waistline.

Floral Crochet Long Sleeve Crop Top
Floral Crochet Long Sleeve Crop Top £14.90 @missfoxy.co.uk

This is perfect for women who wish to draw attention to their legs as well as those of their arms. The colours that are most popular tend to be bright ones which create a good contrast and lift the look of the outfit.

Blue Crochet Bardot Frill Crop Top
Blue Crochet Bardot Frill Crop Top £2.99 @katchme.com

However, there are also occasions where a crochet crop top is appropriate. They are appropriate for the beach and for wearing to the office.

Crochet Back Crop Top In Pink
Crochet Back Crop Top In Pink £7.00 @missfoxy.co.uk

You may also want to try a top that incorporates patterns and prints. These types of crochet crop tops are usually made from silk and have intricate details which create a stunning look.

Aproms Sexy Knitted Crochet Tank Tops @10.79 aliexpress.com

For example, the brilliant orange and blue combinations which are commonly found in these types of tops are perfect for the summer.

Black is also a popular colour but it has to be teamed with a more feminine material such as silk.

Black Long Sleeve Crochet Crop Top
Black Long Sleeve Crochet Crop Top £24.99 @dressedinlucy.com

Whichever style or colour you are looking for, there are several ways in which festival crochet crop tops can be found.

You can visit your local shop online to find the best deals. You will also find that there are many different patterns available for these tops.

Eyelash Lace Crochet Festival Strapless Top White Cream Top
Eyelash Lace Crochet Festival Strapless Top White Cream Top @amazon.co.uk

However, if you are not looking for something specific, you will also be able to purchase a plain crochet crop top for an affordable price.

So, if you are looking for a new style for your party, wedding, or day out, then why not give a top like this one?

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