What to wear with Bandeau Tops is an ongoing concern for many people. Today’s models are often covered in numerous accessories.

White Seam Free Basic Bandeau Top

And, since the tops come in so many patterns, the possibilities seem endless. Let’s explore some of the latest trends for wearing bandeau tops.

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What to Wear With Bandeau Tops

The most current trend for wearing bandeau tops with other styles is to incorporate them with the more conservative styles of strapless tops.

Joyshaper Women Strapless Bandeau Tops
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This can be a great way to bring a bit more spice back into your wardrobe without completely altering your look. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

petite white basic bandeau top
petite white basic bandeau top @£2.50 shein.co.uk

A strapless bra with a bandeau underneath can make a beautiful transition from a bikini top to a tank top. This can also be a good choice for everyday wear.

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Just pull your strapless bra out from under the bandeau and pull in your shoulders. This instantly gives you the illusion of a much smaller bust.

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You may think that you don’t need any more accessories to make your outfit look classic and sexy. However, this just makes things that much easier.


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When you wear bandeau tops with strapless dresses, your outfit will have a bit more oomph! And, you’ll look sexier in it too. A good idea for both daytime and nighttime looks is to wear a little black dress with a plunging neckline and thin layer over your strapless bra with a sheer blouse or halter top underneath.

Lamdgbway 4 Pieces Floral Lace Bandeau Tube Top
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The bandeau tops with spaghetti straps are so cute that they can be worn as a two-piece outfit over a black or white top. The straps simply fall right off of the outfit and give the slimming look you are going for.

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Bandeau tops with spaghetti straps are especially good for office or business casual looks because they are incredibly easy to zip up and keep tucked under the desk.


For a very sophisticated look, try putting together an outfit that incorporates both shirred tops and bandeau tops. For a more casual look, you might pair a shirred top with a solid coloured tank or dress.

If you want something with a bit more edge, then put together a bandeau with an embroidered patch on the back or front. The best thing about this combination is that it looks absolutely stunning both ways. The shirred tops add interest and height to the outfit, and the bandeau adds shape and structure under the tank top.

Shirred Bandeau Top
Shirred Bandeau Top @ £5.00 vivichi.co.uk

When wearing an outfit like this, the most effective way to create a good visual interest in the top half is to wear a fitted, flattering bra underneath the shirred skirt.

The bandeau then gives the upper part of the outfit width and height, while also smoothing out the tummy. If you do not want your bra to show, you could always wear a halter top beneath the skirt, which is an excellent option for those who want their bra showing just a little bit. You could also use a coloured pencil skirt or even a skirt with a pattern or beads on it; anything that will draw attention to the midsection will do just fine.

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These are by no means the only ideas for wearing bandeau tops styling; however, these are some of the best ideas and styles for creating a look that will work for you.

White Basic Bandeau Top

They are designed to complement and accentuate those curves, so you do not have to hide them or cover them up. Instead, they are designed to be showing off in a confident and sexy way.

Sofia Bandeau Top in Black @ £24.00 peopletree.co.uk

This is what makes it such an easy outfit to pull off and wear for any occasion; there is no need to hide behind outdated ideas; just turn to something new and updated!

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