Well, we’ve finally said goodbye to 2020. After what feels like a never-ending year, we can finally say hello to the new year of 2021! What better way to start the new year than giving you all an insight into my beauty bag?



Let’s delve straight into it-the first thing I use in my make up bag is a primer. The primer that I use is The Ordinary high adherence silicone primer. This brand, in my opinion, is the holy grail of affordable makeup whilst still providing luxury quality. This primer only retails for £3.75!! It fills in your pores leaving a smooth, flawless complexion for the foundation to lie on. It lasts all day I absolutely love it!



The next thing in my makeup bag is my foundation which, yet again, is by The Ordinary. I use the Coverage foundation with SPF 15. I always get a foundation that contains at least SPF 15. It not only prevents any sunburn but also any discolouration, fine lines, and ageing. I’ve always struggled to find the right foundation for me. I have a combined skin type of dry and oily so most foundations have either catered to one or the other, leaving my skin too greasy or gasping for moisture. The Ordinary has been one of the very few foundations that have catered to my skin whilst leaving a nice and even complexion – all this for £5.75 too!! Nobody can complain about that surely!



Next in my makeup bag is setting powder. For my setting powder, I use the Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder. Now, this is a pricier product compared to the others but trust me when I say it is 100% worth the price tag. It retails at £35 but its velvety quality leaves your foundation set for the whole day. My ride or die product!!



For my eyebrows I have the Benefit Ka-Brow kit, this kit contains the Goof proof brow pencil, the ka-BROW cream-gel, and the Gimme brow+ volumising fibre gel. For this kit of miniature products retails for £19.55 but mine has lasted me since September and is still going strong! I love these brow products they set my brows in place for the full day and don’t smudge like other products can tend to do.


Another product of Benefit that I use is their They’re Real mascara. I have used this for years! It’s been one of the few mascaras that make my eyelashes look ridiculously long without clumping. I absolutely love the effect it has on my lashes when I can’t have eyelash extensions I use this product without fail! It retails for £22.50 and in my opinion, is worth every single penny.



The product I have in my make up bag for my face (by which I mean highlighter, bronzer, and blush) is the Ofra On The Glow palette. Now, this is a pricey product. I’m not one for using ridiculously expensive products, however, this was gifted to me for Christmas and I must admit… everything about this product is incredible. The pigment, the texture, the wearability. It is insane. It retails for £115 but it really is worth it. It gives you your highlighter, bronzer, and blush all in one and is extremely pigmented so a lot of product definitely isn’t required so it’ll last you for ages!



The final product I have in my makeup bag that I use daily is my setting spray. The spray that I use is the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist. I absolutely adore this product, it is lightweight and doesn’t leave droplets on your face like I’ve known other products to do. It retails for £16 and sets my face for the full day, plus it smells great which is a win-win!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed an insight into my makeup bag and getting to know my make up routine a little better. All the best for 2021, we at Amor love you all!

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