Sweat stains are quite an irritating problem, especially if you live in a hot area. You are always anxious about anyone noticing the stains on your clothes. Moreover, they can get smelly after some time, becoming even more unwanted than ever. You cannot even throw away clothes to get rid of sweat stains because that would mean changing your entire wardrobe within a month. But every problem has a solution. Here I will explain how to get rid of sweat stains in a very easy and effective way.

Yellow stains do not result from the sweat itself but are a result of a reaction between your deodorant and your sweat. Below are some different methods to remove this type of yellow sweat stain from your clothes.

1. By washing powder:

• Making the solution:

In a bucket, mix lukewarm water and half a spoon of washing powder. Mix the solution till it is completely dissolved.

• Soaking clothes in it:

Now, you should put your sweat-stained clothes in the solution. Let them soak in there for at least an hour. Try to keep the clothes fully immersed in the solution by placing something on the top. This will ensure that the washing powder works effectively on the clothes. 

• Washing the clothes:

Now remove the clothes from the bucket. Dry the clothes by wringing them until they are somewhat dry.

• Adding detergent:

Now, use a cloth washing machine to give the clothes a good spin. Remember to add the detergent according to your washing machine. 

Now, your clothes are ready to be washed with your other normal clothes. Put the clothes in the washing machine and run the machine at the highest temperature possible (as indicated by the care label on the clothes).

• Unloading

Unload your clothes after the wash segment is completed. While the above-mentioned method is effective in most cases, you may have to use an alternative method if it does not work.

2. By baking soda:

To make a cleaning paste, mix baking soda in water and apply that paste to the sweat stains on the clothes. Let the baking soda paste stay there for some time and then clean with a brush.

3. By vinegar:

Make a solution of white vinegar and water and soak your clothes in the solution for at least an hour. This method is useful for removing sweat stains but has one major drawback, which is the smell of vinegar that stays in the clothes after the process.

4. By bleach:

You can use bleach to remove sweat stains, but it is not recommended because bleach can be harsh on the clothes and ruin the quality of texture. 

While you can use any of the above-mentioned four methods of cleaning the sweat stains from your clothes, bleach and vinegar both come with major drawbacks, so it is recommended that you either use laundry detergent or baking soda for this purpose. 

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