He didn’t call me back!

He was beautiful! Really beautiful! My ideal guy; from the moment I saw him I knew I wanted him. A quick conversation rapidly translated into an exchange of numbers. All a little cliché I know, but genuinely I wanted him.

We went back and forth with ideas for a date … I decided on drinks. I needed to loosen up around him and take the edge off my shyness.  I turned up to the bar on time , feeling a little too eager. I decided to go straight through and take a couple of shots ‘tequila’ to ease the nerves.

He came up behind me and prepped his hands of my waist, I felt tingles in my lower stomach. He whispered hello princess’, I completely lit up!

We went for a few rounds I had my favourite … Porn star martini. Tipsy, horny, hands all over him, I  knew where I wanted to be.

Face in palms I was ready to leave. His grin was cheeky, he didn’t have to ask me to leave with him.

Dark apartment. He lead me through to the living room. He sat down and pulled me down with him, I straddled him, put my hands on his face and forced myself onto him; stroking his beard and tugging on his bottom lip.  His hands drifted down to my jeans revealing my love handles he tugged open my jeans button. I hopped up, flicked my hair back, pulled off my top and removed my jeans. He was impatient, staring at me hungrily; I ignored it. It agitated him, but it was sexy; he pulled me down next to him and devoured my lower navel. He was hitting every spot, the chills going through my body were uncontrollable. I could feel my juices fill my inner thighs, I asked him to feel it so he could understand how much he turned me on. He put two fingers in, I squealed a little bit it surely was not painful. From the sofa to the floor, quickly shifted to standing up against the wall. I was in my element. He picked me up turned me around so I was looking down on him. Weak from the penetration he rested me on the kitchen surface. Legs wrapped around his waist he took full force each time he pulled my body into his. That peak came, my mind went blank.

I woke up a little confused. Scrambled for my phone, 9:30am glared at me from my bright screen. I ordered my Uber and left without waking him. I spent the car journey pondering whether that was the right thing to do. By this point it was already too late. I clambered into my bed completely exhausted. He was still on my mind;  I messaged him saying ‘ speak to you later sexy’ then fell asleep.

Midnight came, no reply …

Written by: Ashanti-Avril.

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