The super talented Jennifer Juliette has released a brand new track entitled, ‘Small Voice’. Using little more than a wistfully played the piano and her own spectacular vocals, “Small Voice” looks to make a huge impact upon its release. Channelling the rich and textured direction that years of classical influences have imprinted on her, her new offering tells a very personal story about the loss of her unborn child and how the effects of such trauma aren’t widely mentioned or spoken of.

Adding about the release, she said, “It’s about a miscarriage. For me it’s important to get the message out, to normalise it. Opening a discussion about women’s mental health in today’s world.”

Her inspiring passion for music stemmed from childhood, when, at the age of 4, she started singing and playing the piano at churches in the South Welsh Valleys. Now based in Berlin, Jennifer’s cross-over style is a mesmerising mix of her classical training and mainstream pop – her searing melodies drawn from personal experiences and boundless creative energy.

Make sure to listen to the full track below:

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