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How Intimate Is Your Head?

Oral sex is so intimate; so intense, so mind-blowing.  Everyone’s interpretation on the matter seems to differ; most women declare this as their most pleasurable sexual experience. However, my opinion is slightly tainted. Whether the partner is casual, a fuck-buddy or a one-night stand, to share this level of intimacy with every sexual partner is beyond questionable. The time will come when they’ll ask you to go down on them, or insinuate you to go down on them and you have to make that heated in the moment decision. Are you the woman who dislikes and refuses? Dislikes the act, but caves due to lust? Or do you seize the opportunity and leap with excitement at the idea of taking charge? Do you love to see your partner completely weak and in your control? Whatever suits your sexual appetite is completely normal.

 My Story

We had hit the one-year mark and I wanted to do something special. I dressed up in a black and pink (Victoria Secret) nurses outfit, it took me over a week to acquire all the accessories. I tried on my outfit for my friends, my consciousness needed their seal of approval; I even practiced how I would caress him.

I opened the door for him, his grin was from ear to ear and it warmed my heart, I pulled him through the door and headed to the living room. I walked as elegantly as possible in my heels across the living room and seated him on my large armchair. I could tell he wanted to speak so I put my fingers on his lip to hush him. I unzipped his cardigan, edged forward and lifted his t-shirt over his head; ever so slowly. I drew his head to my breast, so he was slightly wedged in as I rubbed on his back enjoying the feel of every muscle. I lifted his head and succumbed to my knees, pushing him so he leaned back onto the chair. Conscious of my pace, I slowly kissed around his pecks leading down to his navel. His moans got louder and he began to wriggle, forcing my head lower and lower. I paused to undo his belt and zip, the passion was intense and he grabbed me and kissed my lips with excitement. He jumped out of his jeans; still conscious of the pace, I began to edge his boxers down. I took a firm grip of his penis and began slowly rotating, twisting and easing my hand up and down. I lifted my arm up maintaining the grip on his penis and dived in. Strictly tongue action; I remember watching this on ‘Euro-Trash’.

Saliva everywhere, I was licking, sucking and rotating his testicles in my mouth. Still trying to maintain my grip on his penis, I could tell I was over thinking everything, because I was loosing my rhythm. I let his testicles drop out of my mouth and adjusted my knees on the rug. I put the tip of his penis in my mouth, still rotating my hand up and down; I fiddled with the tip, slapping it around my face.

I eased into the middle of his penis, with deep throat as my aim, I was rotating and lengthening my stroke. Disregarding my pace I went in for the deep throat, I felt his penis hit the back of my throat. He moaned; I choked a little and pulled away quickly, saliva dripping from both corners of my mouth. I catch my breath and go in again this time slower, I hear him groan, but it sounded slightly agitated. I increased the motion and he rested his hands on the arms of the sofa and tightened his grip. I could hear him panting, so I increased the speed of my motion; out of nowhere he lifted my head up. I witnessed the agony on his face; he was groaning in pain and not because of pleasure.

I guess I’ve never really been a fan of giving head since…

Ashanti Avril

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