Tie-Dye shirts are always on top of the list for trendy, fashionable clothes. Most men are wearing it in the Summer season as the colours reflect perfectly with the light.

Mens tie-dye shirts
Men’s tie-dye shirts

When it comes to men’s tie-dye shirts, one of the most in-style looks is a faded blue reminiscent of the ’70s. The current trend, however, is the bright turquoise and green hues. Men who are interested in this look need to know how to pull it off with ease.

Men Hawaiian Shirt Tie Dye Printed Short Sleeve
Men Hawaiian Shirt Tie Dye Printed Short Sleeve @ £8.16 aliexpress.com

It is easy to pull off the blue look because of the myriad of blue hues available. Turquoise is a popular choice for men who want background for their shirt colour. Another thing that will help us to choose neutral accessories. These can include cotton socks and jeans. Cotton ties will give a fresh and casual look to any wardrobe.

Mens Bleach Tie Dye Polo Shirt Blue & Peach Tie Dye size L Slim Fit
Men’s Bleach Tie Dye Polo Shirt Blue & Peach Tie Dye size L Slim Fit @ £25.00 etsy.com/uk

There are various colours to choose from, and each of them will make a great option. They can even be worn with dress pants.


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Blue is another cool colour for men’s wear. Blue is a popular colour because it is not as bold as green or black. Pick a Blue and Pink shirt with the unique tie-dye pattern and match it with sky blue skinny jeans or even ripped jeans. People can easily mix and match the different colours to get a fun and funky look.

 Men Hawaiian Shirt Tie Dye Print Short Sleeve
Men Hawaiian Shirt Tie Dye Print Short Sleeve @ £9.87 aliexpress.com

People can choose from short sleeves to long sleeves and find the perfect shirt design that fits their body type. There are a variety of colours and styles to choose from. Men can choose from bold patterns, solid colours, or they can go with a simple, small-brushed shirt. When people choose a pattern, they should think about what will look good with their shirts.

Tie dye oversized shirt in green
Tie-dye oversized shirt in green @ £22.50 asos.com

Another popular style is a plaid shirt design. Men like this look because it looks casual yet stylish. Men can add buttons and decorative plaids to their plaid shirts to make the pattern more interesting.

Men Tie-dye Shirt
Men Tie-dye Shirt @ £8.31 – 8.93 aliexpress.com

There is also solid-coloured tie-dye for men.

These shirts are easy to find because they are a prevalent style for men. A solid blue shirt will look great with a red tie, or a blue tie-dye shirt will look great with a green shirt.

When picking the right Tie-dye shirt, make sure the colour matches your skin tone and suits you. There are various designs in the Tie Dye shirt category. The spiral design is the most commonly available in the market; under the spiral design, there are ample patterns.

black tie dye print shirt
Black tie-dye print shirt @ £28.00 asos.com

The simple shirts you can choose for beginners are the two-colour pattern and the multicolour spiral Tie Dye shirt. Choose the shirt wisely, and I would recommend trying various shirts before picking the right colour.

Tie dye stripe baseball shirt in black
Tie-dye stripe baseball shirt in black @ £16.00 asos.com

For men who like experimenting with fashion can choose the rainbow colour spiral shirt, which has small and multiple spirals filled on the shirt. But only white pants match this type of shirt as the white jeans, shorts, or pants reflect the colour brightly.

Rainbow Spiral tie-dye t-shirt @ £9.75+ etsy.com/uk

Another famous tie-dye shirt which I like is the “Kaleidoscope” print. I like this type of print due to the multiple colours it is available in. My most favourite colour in it is the mixture of pink and purple. Men will look classy with purple colour and lovely in pink colour. You can match this shirt with black jeans and a pair of nice white sneakers.

Tie-dye T-shirt kaleidoscope design
Tie-dye T-shirt kaleidoscope design @ £14.00 etsy.com/uk

If you are going out with your friends and would like to try a Tie Dye shirt and look classy, then chose the Rainbow colour Horizontal striped Tie-dye shirt, which suits almost everyone. You can pair any jeans with them. To accessorize it, you can pick a nice pair of Sunglasses and opt for sneakers or chinos.

Shirt Tie Dye Rainbow Black Stripe Shirts Short Sleeve
Shirt Tie Dye Rainbow Black Stripe Shirts Short Sleeve @ £9.72 aliexpress.com

Apart from the above-mentioned Tie Dye shirts, there are numerous designs to pick from.

Bershka chill vibes shirt in tie dye
Bershka chill vibes shirt in tie-dye @ £25.99 asos.com

You have to try them one after the other and match them with the right footwear, bottoms, and accessories.

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