Are you bored of the same old T-shirt designs at the store? Do you have all the old T-shirts piled up in your wardrobe and still want another type of design? Then you are at the right place. I am here to provide you with the latest trend in the market, revamping the way you see the old T-shirt.

 Side Zip T Shirts
Side Zip T-Shirts

For those who are looking for a smart and stylish casual shirt, Side Zip T-Shirts is the ideal choice. These shirts are trendy as they are great to wear with a variety of different outfits.

skinny longline t-shirt with tipping and side zips in grey marl
skinny longline t-shirt with tipping and side zips in grey marl @ £6.50

If you want to wear a shirt that looks good with most outfits then a good choice is the style in a zip front. These can be paired up with jeans, chinos, shorts, trousers, and skirts, and they are a very versatile piece of clothing. It can be worn with a plain t-shirt or teamed up with the perfect top to create an all-over classic look.

zip fashion pocket on left side on the chest men's t-shirt
zip fashion pocket on the left side on the chest men’s t-shirt @ £65.00

This type of shirt comes in various styles, colours, and designs. If you want to find one in a particular colour or pattern, you can easily do so by searching online for these types of products. Many websites offer free clothing and accessories that are of great use for every season and occasion. Online shopping is also a great way of looking for contemporary items that will suit your style.

Jack & Jones Premium t-shirt with zip sides white
Jack & Jones Premium t-shirt with zip sides white @ £18.00

One of the most popular colours is black. Black looks great with dark suits, and it can even be teamed up with light-coloured clothing to give a fresh and sophisticated look. Black has always been a timeless colour and one that can never go out of fashion. The side zip looks brighter in Black colour. On the shopping websites, I found some pretty cool designs which I think every man should try.

Side Zip T Shirt
Side Zip T-Shirt @£8.25

The asymmetrical zip attached to the shirt enhances the way T-shirts were assumed to be. Also, there are hoodie T-shirts with asymmetrical zips.


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The Overlap Side Zip shirts are another trend which men should purchase. The overlap shirt creates a new outlook among the crowd. For the Winter season, I suggest wearing the hoodie type of T-shirt with overlapped Zip. The Side zip T-shirts ad Hoodie T-shirts are available in various colours and with half and full sleeves.

Men's Long Black Hoody Side Zip
Men’s Long Black Hoody Side Zip @ £11.70 – 12.53

Another popular style of shirt is the polo shirt. These are very casual styles and can be worn during the day or by those who have more laid-back occasions to attend to.

polo t-shirt in black with half zip
polo t-shirt in black with half zip @ £9.90

The popular styles now tend to be a bit more informal and are seen much more often on those who are more sporty. There is a slight cut on the shirt’s sides, which is known as Side zip Flannel T-shirts that look dapper with loose baggy jeans and skinny jeans on men.

side zip t-shirt men
Side zip t-shirt men @ £9.71

Navy is also a popular style of shirt, and it is usually an excellent shade of green. Green is a natural colour that is very popular with people who are into gardening. This is because the earth tones complement each other, and it is effortless to get a great look with these colours.

Men zip army green white black solid color hip hop t shirts
Men zip army green white black solid colour hip hop t-shirts @ £12.89

The range of styles available for men is huge, and there are some very funky styles available. Some of the most popular styles include cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Spiderman.

Mens Black Faux Leather Side Zipper Shirt
Men’s Black Faux Leather Side Zipper Shirt @ £79.99

Many people like the retro look, and this is a look that will always be around. There are also styles available that have pictures of famous movie stars such as James Bond. These are some of the more popular styles that men will choose.

side zip t-shirt
side zip t-shirt

A lot of the styles available will be great for casual occasions. These are shirts that you can wear if you go out with friends to a bar and want to have something comfortable to sit on. They are also very nice for wearing when you want to go out to the beach or relax and feel cool.

There are also some very nice styles available for men, and they can be great for the work environment and even for the summer months. No matter the occasion, you will have no problem finding a great t-shirt to fit your taste.

Side Slit Zip T-shirt For Men
Side Slit Zip T-shirt For Men @ £9.86

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