Everyone wants to have the best time possible at a festival, but there will be small things you can do to truly enjoy your time. This guide will tell you all that you need to know, from packing, to accommodation options.

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Plan Ahead As Early As Possible

A festival experience can easily be ruined by poor planning. You will not only need to know what you’re packing, but you will need to know times for acts and how you’re getting there in the first place. Ensure you do this as soon as possible, as you may find trains hard to book closer to the event.

If you are driving, you may need to pre-book a car park slot for your car to sit for a few days or find a suitable location to be dropped off. The festival will usually provide you with as much information as possible, but it will be up to you to act on it.

Enhance Your Accommodation

Something that can play a major role in your enjoyment of a festival, is where you are physically sleeping and where you are staying. This means you should find accommodation that doesn’t worry you or pose any sort of risk. The traditional way to enjoy a festival is to camp up on-site in a small tent with friends in an allocated space. The enjoyment of this can vary, depending on what festival you are at and what the conditions are.

It’s highly unlikely that you will enjoy a normal camp if you have terrible weather, as the rain could seep into your tent and the wind could blow it away. That’s what turns many people towards glamping, which is a much more glamourous style of camping. This is still tent based in most cases, but the tents are well constructed to be more stable and provide much more modern amenities.

They can enhance your festival experience and make it more unique. It’s much like having a hotel room in a tent, with hot water on standby. You can view boutique festival campingoptions with Yurtel, which offer luxurious solutions to make you feel special and comfortable on-site. Glamping from here can come in the form of an en-suite hut, a yurt or a bell tent that is designed to be unique, offering you a fun experience.

Pre-Cook Food Or Attend Unique Festivals

Something that a lot of people struggle with at festivals is what they eat. That’s because some festivals may not have any catering solutions, or they may not have enough supply to meet the demand. This is what contributes to people bringing in their food, either through snacks or pre-cooked meals.

Pre-cooked meals can often be the way to go, as they can give you a substantial amount of food to suit your nutrition, whilst being packed away in a few plastic containers that can easily fit into your bag. These meals could be eaten cold, or be heated up on a small device you bring. In the days running up to your festival, you could mass cook a meal, to have enough portions for a few containers before changing it up with seasoning or fillings so that you aren’t having the same thing every day.

Alternatively, you could look into more unique festivals that have a focus on food. Whilst these are still music festivals, they will have unique food on hand that attract foodies. There will be vegan festivals for example with vegan caterers who specialise in events or food trucks in general. It’s worth searching online or speaking to people who you know have been to festivals, to find out how their experience with it was.

Meet Up With Online Community Members

To help improve your festival experience, it may be worth you finding fun people to go with. Of course, this will be more likely for those currently attending events on their own, but smaller groups can also look to mix. There will be specific groups set up online to help individuals with the same taste or personality meet up for a festival.

It’s worth pointing out that if you do indeed choose to go down this route, you should act with caution and be safe. Meeting up with strangers can be a risk, which is why you should operate with these groups in the proper way, and always inform close friends or family about who you could be meeting up with, just in case.

Attend Smaller Festivals

Whilst the most popular and largest festivals are popular for a reason, you could find the most unique festival experience on a smaller scale. These festivals could be local ones that are just for your area or something nearby that you’ve heard of. With these smaller festivals, you may be able to interact with musicians more and even have a drink with them in some cases. Have a look at local newspapers or magazines to find out if anything is coming to your area soon.

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