For many of us, the idea of getting into skin tight lycra and running on a machine whilst you’re surrounded by skinny gym buffs does not sound appealing. If you choose not to go to the gym the idea of running in public in said lycra seems even more daunting. However, not all gym clothes have to be skin tight or make you feel uncomfortable. If you buy the right products you could even feel sexy in them. But will wearing the gym clothes help you get fitter?

Well, if you were to come home from work and instead of putting on your pjs, you slip into your gym clothes, you’ll be more likely to head for workout than if you were to get into “home” clothes. Due to our brains thinking that what we wear or how we look means we should do a certain thing. For example if you were going on a night out with the girls you would wear certain clothing to make you feel like you were going out – it’s the same with workout clothes.

After the release of Beyonce’s new line Ivy Park (available in TopShop), workout clothes have seen a surge, not just in the gym but in the high street shops as well. People are active wear as clothes to go out and about in. If you were to live in your gym clothes when you’re not working out, you would be even more optimistic about being active due to looking the part.

Beyoncé for Ivy Park

You don’t have to run out and spend a fortune on some leggings with a noticeable logo on, you can get away with any brand, as long as you feel comfortable. Gym clothes don’t have to be skin tight leggings and crop tops, tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirt can be just as comfortable to work out in and not cost much.

H&M Gym Wear

Whilst wearing the clothes doesn’t automatically make you look slimmer, wearing them can make you think you need to workout and as a result you can become slimmer and get into that beautiful dress for a night out.

Words by: @AmyJoannaTaylor

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