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Introducing you to… Yindi Curls!

London start up Yindi Curls is teaching little ones to love their locks with an online series and workshops that promotes self-esteem, and above all, self-love when it comes to their hair. Designed for parents and caregivers of kids with cool curls, Yindi Curls is fun, fashionable and informative. To get the concept up and running @yindicurls has launched a crowdfunding campaign calling on the public to support the coiled cause. The page went live on September 1 2015 and will aim to secure £4,000 in 40 days.

Yindi Curls is an animated book; online series and hair workshop facilitator that promotes positive self-esteem and hair love to girls aged 6-14. Yindi Curls workshops are designed to offer support and advice to parents /carers of particularly – although not exclusively, black and mixed heritage children, who want to learn about the techniques, products and tools needed to care for their children’s hair more effectively. It is aimed at giving a general understanding of a child’s hair, with practical solutions on how to ensure each experience with handling their hair is pleasant, loving and bonding, all while being fun, fashionable and informative.

Yindi Curls is launching the brand by filming a series of 60 second videos (Hair A-Z) a video based, alphabetised list of hair terms, abbreviations & phrases that are used in natural hair care and styling.
Despite securing partial funding from O2 Think Big, Yindi Curls are aiming to raise the bar and have started a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to raise the remaining money for the project.

To get involved in this fantastic cause visit:

And follow their movement on Twitter and Instagram

Words : @MyaSavannah_

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