Rihanna is at it again! The Platinum sex god has finally dropped a music video for one of her biggest songs called Pour It Up however we did not know what to expect at all. The subject of the song is based on money however since we’re talking about the Bajan pop singer at the moment, it’s no surprise that she would have spent a large amount on her outfit and the music video. On the other hand, maybe she went a bit too far? The music video is jaw dropping with the use of several strippers on a pole, the lack of clothing from the females and if that’s not bad, ‘twerking’ in front of the camera.

It’s evident that Rihanna has been getting a lot of negative attention lately for her attitude on social networking sites, uploading controversial photographs of herself including the use of weed! Whether or not her recent actions are appropriate, the singer’s ratings and music video’s views are gradually increasing. Pour It Up seems to be taking a negative turn as the video has been banned 10 minutes after it’s release, surprised? The video is now known as pornography, inappropriate and ‘has gone too far’.

The lack of any garments in the music video (picture above) causes the singer to be viewed more as a sex object than she really is. Evidently, the star has no problem about this as she’s constantly going over board with the lack of clothing. In addition to this, her hairstyle was influenced by one of the biggest sex objects Marilyn Monroe. It’s evident that Rihanna has put her own personal twist on the outfit by adding a bit of street style to her music video. But what can we say about all this? She never fails to surprise us whether it’s a positive or negative impact on her career.

Words: Raissa Coulibaly

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