James Arthur at the Indigo O2 was bound to be an epic experience. Thousands queued to see the X-Factor winner perform live with his full band in London’s prestigious venue.

Alongside the host of the night was Capital FM’s very own DJ Ace who prepared the crowd for a night full of upbeat music. Fans arrived in their numbers from as young as 14 all the way up to 60 and were greeted with surprise support acts such as IVROX and the BBC Voice’s Christina Marie. First to the stage was Anisa who immediately connected with the crowd through her soulful vocals. The extremely talented artist and pianist performed her single Music, which informed the audience of her journey into the music industry.

The audience were spoilt with more talent as the IV Rox graced the stage. The upcoming girl band, consisting of four feisty ladies, were quick to get the ladies in the audience on their side with their single entitled ‘Friendzoning’, which echoed their unwanted male attention. They claimed to have one aim in mind: ‘to empower women through embracing their imperfections.’ Their song titled Imperfections had teen females rocking to the anthem chanting ‘I’m a real girl, so I need man and a real man knows that I have imperfections’ (that sure would have the hundreds of males at the venue in check).

Universal Records’ fifteen year old sensation Harvey, was met with fans screaming as he was introduced to the stage. Described as the British version of Justin Bieber, he covered the number one hit from Mario ‘Let me Love You’ followed by John Legend’s All of Me. He is definitely one to look out for. Christina Marie has a name and a voice to remember. The former The Voice contestant, highly admired by Will.i.am, held the audience in awe with her strong soprano melodies over the acoustic touch.

James Arthur’s arrival to the stage was signalled by an instant blackout followed by an array of flashing lights randomly landing on various fans right before it all came together on the centre of the stage. The bass thumped with the skilful synchronised energy of James Arthur while the full band took to the stage dressed in all black. Fans screamed as the unveiling became more apparent. James Arthur had a cool stage presence, clothed in black leather and swaying his jet-black hair.

With no formal introduction needed, James provided a rock-ish rendition of You’re nobody until somebody loves you with a surprising mix of Justin Timberlake’s Senorita. His second song followed suit as it mixed with No DiggityEmergency set a relaxed tone with one hand outreached, capturing the hearts of his audience with this song. His guitar solo truly reminded us of James’ passion that we saw two years ago in his X-Factor audition.

Words by: Emmanuel Boateng

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