Jes Frances’s path to pop stardom began from humble beginnings, avoiding the glitz and glamour of the industry to present herself as a truly authentic artist. Now based in San Francisco, the West Coast singer-songwriter takes a leap of faith with new single “Coming Around”, a soulful pop ballad that is out just in time for the first day of summer. 

We caught up with the singer and asked her what songs had influenced her musically. Find out below.

Amber Marks – 3:33

I listened to this album in one sitting. I cried I laughed, it gave me all the feels. When listening to this album I felt so connected with her as an artist because her emotions are so raw and are portrayed so clearly. I love her voice. The instrumentation of each song is mesmerizing and I love how she keeps each song simplified yet upbeat.

Alicia Keys – Songs in A minor

This album is what inspired me to write even more. Her voice mixed in with the jazz piano and soulful/R&B grooves are what touched my heart upon first listen. Love the choir/gospel background vocals sprinkled throughout some of the songs. It was one of the first albums I remember specifically feeling so deeply for. It instantly lifted my mood and made me feel understood as a human being and a singer.

Smooth – Santana

I remember listening to this song for the first time and not being able to stop dancing. It’s sexy, upbeat, yet relaxed. This song is for all ages, a classic that never goes out of style. The guitar moves me. I love the live band feel and the incorporation of horns and percussion.

Issues – Julia Michael

This was an instant favourite. I was instantly hooked into the melody and it was stuck in my head for weeks. I love the meaning behind this song, it’s genius because it’s so real. Also really love the simplistic instrumentation.

Cowgirl in the Sand – Neil Young

He has inspired me as a lyricist. This song’s melody is so beautifully done and so catchy. I fell in love with the melody first before I knew the lyrics. Once I heard the lyrics I fell in love even more as the storyline was one I resonated with being a woman growing up

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