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Katy B has dished out an update on her second studio album. The singer/songwriter has been in the Cotswolds while she adds a few bits and bobs to the second album, which will be the follow-up to her debut ‘On A Mission’. Her first record had a signature Dubstep sound and is undoubtedly a difficult album to top! She told the Daily Star: “I’ve been in the Cotswolds finishing off a few demos for my next album. The record is really coming together and it’s been lovely to get away.” “I’ve been trying to work on my structures and use more live instruments, like piano…” Katie also made it clear that there is a big dance music influence in it, which is exciting.

Katie collaborated with DJ Geeneus and he has reportedly claimed that it still remains untitled, which leaves us with an interesting mystery.  Katy has recently claimed that the album is a  “transition from being a girl into womanhood” and should be completed by the end of the year. Watch out for this one!

By Marian Okogwu

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