Summer has once again crept up on us – a welcome surprise, after the drudgery of the last few miserable months. With the shedding of the colder seasons comes the embracing of summer style, and 2022’s summer fashion prospects are out of sight. Here are some big trends to look out for, and to jump into the moment you get a chance.

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A category as broad as they come, to be sure, but make no bones about it: 2022 is the year of the skirt. There are countless styles you can pull off with the right skirt, and the summer months this year will see some of those styles in particular pop off.

Big, bold and beautiful patterns are where it’s at this year, with technicolour miniskirts and garishly loud midi skirts alike the flavour of the season. High street retail outlets have taken notice; a quick browse of their women’s skirts sections will reveal dozens of summer-ready skirt designs and bountiful inspiration for your bold summer look.

Block Colours

Outlandishness seems to be the key theme for 2022, and it is no surprise. This is the first full year without major restrictions on living, making it the start of the decade that everyone’s been waiting for. 2022 is a party, and fashion trends are reflecting the fact in a big way – especially when it comes to colour.

As well as patterned skirts, block-coloured tops are well and truly in. Keep an eye out for lime-green blazers and jackets, alongside burnt oranges and deep, sultry blues. Hot and candy pinks are also a great idea, with bubblegum aesthetics returning to the fore for influencers and pop artists alike.


We thought the low-rise bottoms had been left well and truly at the millennium – and we were well and truly wrong. Dated as they may continue to be, low-rise is back on top as trend-setters jump to enshrine the early noughties trouser wear in layers of nostalgia. Just as curtained hair and frosted tips clawed their way back in with younger folks, so too with the low cut.

Previously, the low rise was reserved for stonewashed denim, but this time round nothing is off-limits. Jeans, tracksuit bottoms, suit pants: it’s all on the table, along with your lower back.

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Trouser Suits

Speaking of bottoms, our last 2022 fashion trend comes in the form of the trouser suit. Endlessly chic with a whiff of elegance, trouser suits are an exercise in powerfashion. Wearing a matching trouser suit in a strong block colour can make a serious statement while opting for mismatched maximalist patterns will have you on the right side of garish. Trouser suits may be a functionally professional look to begin with, but with the addition of serious colour they definitely bring the party.

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