I tried two of their classes but their Hybrid Full Body class with Aleksa Costa was my favourite. She really put us through our paces and the class was a killer! This hybrid class is a mixture of cardio, resistance training and Pilates. Combining the three elements really gives you a complete workout.
If the class wasn’t tough enough just standing on the floor, we used MOTRs, to work our core and upper body – bear in mind that if your balance is poor, you’ll be challenged using this machine. I thought my balance wasn’t that bad, but try doing a squat on this cylinder machine and you’ll find yourself in very compromising positions!

PHIIT is one of many boutique fitness studios popping up around the capital, offering unique services making fitness more enjoyable by incorporating new methods. I have found that by going to boutique studios, you are given more one-on-one attention even if there are other people around, because the classes are usually smaller. This is more beneficial, as the instructor can help you out if you are doing a move wrong and adjust you into the right position so you can really feel the muscles that are meant be worked on getting activated.

A single drop-in session costs £28, but they offer several packages so you can really utilise their services and see the best results. As well as group sessions, PHIIT offer personal training and small PT Mum and Baby sessions.

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