Vacations aren’t just pigeonholed to the summer, you know. There’s also a lot to be said about a winter break, and there’s more than enough fun to be had on one!

If you’re sick of the frost nipping at you as soon as you get out of bed in the morning, if you’re tired of the car only ever warming up once you’ve already made it to work, and if you’re already bored of the grey skies, then you should head on a winter break. To find the destination that best suits your vacation desires, make sure to read on.

With winter temperatures rarely dropping below 17°C, Coral Bay, Cyprus is definitely a vacation destination that you should consider if you’re sick of the weather back home. Popular amongst holiday-makers, this is a place that is packed full of all the amenities needed to turn a simple winter break into an unforgettable experience. From a 600m crescent of sloping sands to an array of water-sports, when you head here, whether you enjoy topping up your tan or getting your fix of adrenaline, you’ll never be short of things to do.

If this sounds like the perfect winter escape, then make sure to check out some top Cyprus villa retreats at James Villa Holidays. No matter how many bedrooms you need, how close you want to be to the vibrant town nearby, or how big you want your pool to be, you’ll always be able to find the right Coral Bay accommodation for you.


If you’re into art and culture, then you should make Athens, Greece your winter vacation destination — the Benaki Museum is the perfect place to head to if you want to delve into the history of this ancient city.

Not everything about Athens is about art and culture, though. In fact, it’s just about as vibrant a city as there is in the Mediterranean. There’s plenty of nightlife to be enjoyed, and there are a host of amazing restaurants and cafes for you to try out. A visit here will see you well and truly beat those winter blues.


If you’re a fan of dry winters that are crisp and comfortable in temperature, then you should book a trip to Barcelona right away. This Spanish city that, like Athens, is incredibly vibrant while still being steeped in history, is perfect for those that want to escape the doldrums of winter back home, as there’s always something going on during the cold season.

Wherever you go in Barcelona from December right through to April, you’ll always find something to captivate you. Whether you check out a solstice performance at the Santa Maria del Mar church, whether you enjoy the major winter festival known as the Santa Eulàlia, or whether you indulge in ‘churros y chocolate’ at the back-street restaurant known as La Granja, your winter will well and truly be made magical when you spend it in Barca.

Inject a bit of colour into the dull grey of winter by heading to any of the three destinations listed above… or maybe even all of them.

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