When Hardie Grant Books sent me through the manuscript for Laura Jenkinson’s upcoming book a few months ago I was so excited to share my thoughts, and now with it’s release to the public today, I finally can!

Made Up, written by Instagram sensation Laura Jenkinson, is a beauty guide filled with a wide range of tips and tricks from the make up artist herself. The book includes a broad scope of information from Laura’s favourite make up techniques to do-it-yourself recipes and step-by-step tutorials, ranging from natural day looks and fun festival styles to a touch of glamour on a night out.


This guide is easy to relate to with it’s unassuming tone. Laura gives simple, clear instructions to follow, along with a host of colourful illustrations and photography to demonstrate her techniques on application. The book aims to show readers how to use make up to ‘it’s full potential’ and I believe that Laura succeeds in doing so. The advice goes right back to reestablish the basics in a lot more detail for those new to make up, without coming across as pretentious. At the same time it introduces new techniques that I hadn’t come across before, also making it perfect for those who wish to pick up new ideas for different beauty looks and discover new brands.


The book has a really nice ‘feel-good’ appeal, including Laura’s advice on enhancing your natural features – she suggests that we should celebrate being unique rather than trying to drastically change our appearance. This is reflected in the fact that she includes tips for every skin type and tone, making it a helpful guide for everyone to identify individually and treat their skin accordingly, whilst beneficial as a guide for an aspiring make up artist who will have a wide variety of clients.


Another feature that I particularly liked was that the women modelling the looks in the photos were Laura’s friends, which I think a lot of people will find appealing, making the book relatable to all ages. Moreover, the product list at the end of the book including products ranging from high street to high end was very beneficial and is something I’d like to see from more beauty guides.


Made Up by Laura Jenkinson is a delightful beauty guide laying down the basics for those new to make up and inspiring more experienced beauty junkies with new material. The book is perfect for those wishing to take on board tips for their own beauty regime as well as a guide for MUAs looking to become professionals.

Buy Made Up today at: http://laura-jenkinson.com/the-book/

Words by Araminta Pender, Beauty Editor @mintypender

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