22 Year Old G.O.O.D artist Teyana Taylor has described Ri Ri as a ‘Cyber bully’ when she called up HOT 97 to give her perspective on the twitter beef that took place on Tuesday between herself and Rihanna.

The feud stemmed from Rihanna posting a video on instagram this week that appeared to mock one of  Teyana’s previous instagram video’s of herself singing Anita Baker’s ‘Caught Up In The Rapture’ song.

Teyana outlined that this mocking video was ‘really harsh’ and Rhianna cannot continue to be insulting just anyone,

‘You clapped and I clapped back. That’s what that was. You didn’t think that it would go as far as it did, but you can’t do that to everybody.’

When asked about whether or not Rihanna was a cyber bully she replied, ‘Yes, I do think she’s a cyber bully. I really do. I think she’s a cyber bully.’ She also commented on the fact that Rihanna’s fan condone her unacceptable behaviour.

Rihanna compared her net worth to Teyana Taylor on Twitter. Whilst the pair were exchanging insults via Twitter, Rihanna changed her display picture which showed her own net worth to be 90 million and Teyana Taylor to be worth 9 million. Ouch! Teyana shot back by not only saying that this information was false but that why should something who is worth soo much have that much time on their hands?

Both of the beautiful artists know each other very well personally so this is a shock that there is now tension between them, let’s hope they make up!

Words by: Patricia Obaro Odje

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