Maiya Blaney has released a brand new project entitled, ‘3’. The brand new project features the likes of her recent single, ‘Something Bout U’, and a song we’re really loving ‘Walkin’ High’.

When speaking about the track, the super talented singer said: “I created this album because I wanted to make something. I wanted to have something to put next to my name, something to show for myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I could. This record has been the sole purpose of my life for this past year. I’ve created this dictionary of music and remembering in order to help other people speak my language, and in doing so have been able to further understand myself. This past year of reflection, of gathering, and reprioritizing what’s important, has knocked my world into an even less linear path. But in hindsight, I don’t think that the album could have happened any other way. As my Pop Pop used to say, ‘we’re just given the cards, and then we have to play them.’ And I will be immensely grateful, forever, for the fact that I have been able to go through this incredibly trying time with the rest of the world, and have gotten through it because of music.”

Make sure to listen the full project below:

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