Stay Savvy In the Sun With Calypso Press and Protect.

With this Summer set to be an absolute scorcher, it looks like we’re in for one hell of a summer, but whether you’re heading abroad or staying in the UK, make sure not to take unsafe risks in the sun! The experts at Calypso sun protection have provided us with one of the best creams around, to encourage sun worshippers to give their skin some TLC this summer.

Rivalling top skincare brands, Calypso Press and Protect sun cream provides you with a handy chart which shows just how much cream should be applied to different areas of the body. Packed with the same ingredients as luxury skin care brands, Calypso offers you second to none protection, with the brand making consumer welfare their main aim.

Calypso has also rubbished rumours that slathering on the sun cream will decrease your chances of bagging a fabulous tan, so you can be both bronzed and safe this summer. And don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re safe from the rays even in cloudy weather! Calypso recommend that we use a smidge of sun cream on a daily basis as a staggering 80% of sun rays still permeate the skin on gloomy days. The suggested SPF for adults is 15 and for children it’s higher, at a better safe than sorry, SPF30.

Distinguishing themselves from brands that leave sticky, streaky residues, this sun cream provides excellent coverage and is available from an affordable price of just £3.29. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle before you don your bikini, Calypso Press and Protect should be a beach bag staple.

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Jacqueline Kilikita

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